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Auping Original

Auping Original: The perfect basis

The Auping Original is a complete bed with a clean-cut design. The combination of the beautifully designed, powerful frame and an Auping mesh base and mattress is just what you need for a good night's sleep. It's that simple. Because both the bed base and the mattress can be fully ergonomically adjusted to your body, it provides perfect support. You will wake up feeling refreshed and well-rested, ready for another energetic day.

  • Clear-cut design
  • Powerful deep black metal frame in 2 heights.
  • The sleeping position is ergonomically adapted to suit your personal preferences.
  • Adjustable for extra comfort
  • Award winner of the Good Industrial Design Foundation


  • Various formats
  • 2 heights
  • Headboard optional
  • Adjustable
  • Ergonomic design

The Auping Original is available in a range of sizes

The Auping Original is available as both a single and a double bed.

Single bed measurements: 
80 x 200/210/220 cm, 90 x 200/210/220 cm, 100 x 200/210/220 cm 120 x 200/210/220 cm

Double bed measurements:
140 x 200/210/220 cm, 160 x 200/210/220 cm, 180 x 200/210/220 cm, 200 x 200/210/220 cm

The Auping mattresses are also available in single or double versions. Just choose what is most comfortable for you or what fits best in your bedroom.

*On the basis of an Auping mesh base and Adagio mattress. 


You can choose between 2 bed heights

The Original comes in 2 different heights.

  • The Original has a sleeping height of around 53 cm.
  • This can be increased using the leg elevations to a sleeping height of around 60 cm for additional comfort when climbing in and out of bed.
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Choice of a whole range of upholstered headboards

Finish off your Original with a headboard in the fabric and colour of your choice. These are available in both low and high variants.  You can also choose a wide format with a 10 cm overlap on each side or a version that is aligned with the width of your bed.

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You can choose how to adjust your Original: either manually or electrically. This provides additional comfort when reading or watching TV for example. It can also be handy and more comfortable to adjust your bed when you go to sleep, for instance when you are suffering from a cold or injury. You can select from a number of different possibilities:

  • Adjustable back
  • Adjustable back and legs
  • Adjustable back, legs and neck  

Tip: Do you prefer a double bed with two adjustable bases? If so, you can also add a split top mattress. This allows you to adjust the two headboards separately from each other, while the rest of the bed forms a single unit.

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A sleeping position that’s perfect for you

Did you know that a third of your life is spent in bed? And that a good night’s sleep determines how fit and full of energy you feel the next day? Hardly surprising then, that a good mattress is really important. This allows your body to rejuvenate while you are asleep and makes you ready to take on each new day.



  • Aureo bed light

    You give your bed even more atmosphere with the Aureo bed light. With the dimmer you can set the desired light level. The Aureo bed light fits on every Auping mesh base. Underneath the Aureo stand is a floor light that illuminates the floor so you can get in and out of bed easily at night.

  • Original headboard

    Complete your Original with a headboard in the fabric and colour of your choice. It's available in 2 dimensions; you can choose to have the width of the headboard to be equal to the bed edges or a 10 cm overhang on both sides. Available in diverse fabrics. The Original bed model is available in 2 heights; the high version offers additional comfort. The colour of the frame and edge is Deep Black. Timeless and neutral it therefore matches every bedroom.

Experience the Original yourself

We'd love to help you select your Original. Visit one of our stores for professional tailored sleep advice and experience the comfort of the Original or other Auping beds.