Auping duvet warmth rating

To be able to sleep well and wake up feeling refreshed, the body must be at the right temperature during the night. The ability of mattresses and bed bases to process body moisture is essential in maintaining this temperature. Just like an adequately ventilating duvet. Good ventilation of both the mattress and the duvet results in a fresh and hygienic sleeping climate. Thus ensuring that you wake up rested and refreshed.

The best material choice for a duvet is personal. Down is light and provides a good sleeping climate, both in the winter and in the summer, because it ventilates and insulates better than any other duvet filling. But you can also feel comfortable under a synthetic or woollen duvet. The insulation is optimal, because a layer of air is maintained which separates the cold area (everything outside of the duvet) from the warm area (everything under the duvet). The thicker the layer of air, the better the insulation. And since the desired warmth of the duvet is also personal, duvets are made in 4 warmth classes, which give you an indication of the warmth of a duvet when selecting one.

  • Warmth class 1: A really warm duvet! Ideal for cold sleepers and/or people who become cold relatively quickly.  
  • Warmth class 2: These duvets are best for our climate and will be to most people's liking.
  • Warmth class 3: For people who become warm quickly and/or for use in heated bedrooms.
  • Warmth class 4: True summer duvets, which provide optimal comfort even when used on warm nights.

You are always welcome in one of our Auping shops, where our specialists will help you choose the right duvet. Our sleep advisers are more than happy to listen to your personal preferences and combine them with individual factors, such as perspiration, sleep position and possible allergies. It will ensure that you choose the right duvet and you will wake up fresh and rested.