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Somnox sleep robot

Somnox sleep robot: the world’s first sleep robot

World’s first sleep robot to improve sleep by breathing regulation, sounds and affection.

A good night’s rest is essential when you want to have a healthy life, packed with energy. The Somnox Sleep Robot is the world’s first sleep robot and is the unique result of a collaboration between four robotics engineers and Auping. The smart robot innovatively reduces stress and uses a number of proven relaxation techniques to transition the body into a relaxed state of sleep. That means that you don’t just fall asleep faster, but you also sleep longer and more deeply.

Fall asleep faster

Relaxed breathing reduces stress and helps bring the body into a state of relaxation. Your own pace of breathing is subconsciously influenced by an external breathing rhythm, a fact that the Somnox sleep robot makes innovative use of. What that means is that the sleep robot simulates a breathing rhythm perfect for falling asleep. Your own breathing automatically synchronises with the sleep robot’s breathing pattern while you’re holding it. In this way it helps you achieve a meditative state of mind, helping you sail away to dreamland more quickly.

Sleep longer

By synchronising your breathing rhythm with the robot’s own you achieve a stable, slower breathing rhythm. Deep breathing is one of the best ways to lessen the body’s stress; that’s because it sends a message to your brain, signalling your body to relax. The result is that you get a good, long night’s sleep.

Wake up refreshed

A good night’s sleep ensures that you wake up fresh and well-rested, energised and ready to start the day. With the Somnox sleep robot you don’t just sleep longer, but better too, thanks to the deep breathing techniques. It’s something you’re sure to notice every morning.


Research by the Trimbos Institute shows that as many as one in five people struggles with sleeping problems. One of the causes that pops up most frequently is stress. People who lie awake worrying, have difficulty falling asleep, and regularly wake up during the night, systematically get too little sleep. This causes fatigue and extra stress, which in turn has a greater negative impact on a night’s sleep. It’s a vicious circle, where, in extreme cases, people resort to sedatives, which are not only addictive, but can also entail unfortunate side effects.
Reducing stress and promoting relaxation are at the heart of what we’re doing with the Somnox sleep robot. At Auping, we believe in the importance of a really good night’s sleep and are continuously developing and improving products focussed on this importance. This also means that with regard to our mission, the Somnox sleep robot is a perfect match. In 2017, a unique collaboration involving four clever robotics engineers from the Delft University of Technology was set in motion to optimise the Somnox sleep robot into the Auping-worthy product now found in stores.