Auronde bed

The Auronde is a true design classic made from wood with characteristic aluminum details. Designed by Frans de la Haye in 1973, its rounded shapes and bright colours were revolutionary back then. And with its brilliant new colours and highly customizable features, revolutionary is what the Auronde remains.

  • Easily customizable design
  • Choose between different colours and finishes
  • Headbord and bedside table optional
  • Handmade in Deventer, the Netherlands
  • Over 1 million items sold world-wide

Configure your Auronde

The Auronde is a true design classic made from wood with characteristic aluminum details.  Designed by Franse de la Haye in 1973. Its rounded shapes and bright colours were revolutionary back then. And once again it's revolutionary: with new  colours and the possibility to adapt the details to your whishes.

  • Configure to your whishes
  • Made to measure in our green factory in Deventer (NL) 
  • Optionally adjustable with your phone
  • Choose contrasting or matching colours for the aluminum details 

Dutch Design 

Dutch Designer Frans de la Haye designed the Auronde in 1973.

"I wanted to make a bed that lasts a lifetime (lots of beds were made of chipboard which is easily damaged) and that is easy to assemble and just as easy to disassemble."

That's why de la Haye opted for beech with striking aluminum details, perfectly bringing design and sustainability together. 

45 years heritage

With its rounded shapes and bright colours, the Auronde was revolutionary when it was introduced in 1973. Today, almost 50 years later and featuring new materials, colours and highly adaptable features, revolutionary is what it remains.

Meanwhile, more than 1.000.000 Aurondes have been sold. In every street in the Netherlands, there is at least one household with an Auronde bed.

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Various formats

The Auronde is available in various formats:

  • As single bed: 80, 90, 100 or 120 cm X 200, 210 or 220 cm.
  • As double bed: 140, 160, 180 or 200 cm X 200, 210 or 220 cm.

There are 3 different heights to choose from: 34,5 cm, 41,5 cm or 48 cm.

To complete your Auronde, we have various options available:

  • Head element
  • Headboard 
  • Table 

Combine your Auronde with a flat or adjustable Auping mesh base and Auping mattresses. 

17 colours

The Auronde is made of exceptionally strong beech. You can choose between 10 lacquers for your Auronde. Or opt for a finish in walnut or oak veneer. There are six stain colours to choose from for the oak veneer. For the aluminum details you can choose a matching or contrasting colour.

Lacquers: Pure white, Deep black, Cool grey, Warm grey, Sand beige, Pine green, Blush, Royal blue, Dusty red or Night blue.

Stains: Natural oak, Natural walnut,  Midnight black oak, Soft white oak, Chocolate brown oak, Dark blue oak, Chalk grey oak

Aluminum details: Pure white, Deep black, Cool grey, Warm grey, Clay, Forest Green, Skin, Coral Red, Rusty red, Night blue of Aluminum

Exceptionally strong beech

At Auping we always choose sustainable and high-quality materials. Because we believe that you sleep better in a bed that has been made with care and attention for the world around you.

Exceptionally strong beech is the basis for every Auronde. The material we work with is made out of 15 layers of wood. This makes it extremely strong, and gives your Auronde a very long lifespan.

Dutch craftmanship

Every Auping bed is handmade in our own factory in Deventer, the Netherlands.   
Everyday we combine handwork and craftmanship with the latest developments in technology, ergonomics and design.
In this way, we guarantee the best quality for your Auronde.

auping spiraalbodem

Wake up fresh and rejuvinated with your Auping bed base

A good bed base is very important while sleeping. You can dream wonderfully every night, because you and your mattress get the best support.

With the right bed base, your mattress also breathes better. All Auping bed bases are mesh bases. We construct them with braided steel, which has a fine open structure. Because the mesh base is 80 percent open, it ventilates extra well. This keeps your mattress in good condition for a long time.

Dream away on an Auping mesh base.

5 advantages of an Auping mesh base

Our electrically adjustable bases are "Smart". This means that the bed base comes with smart functions that make you sleep even better, such as an anti-snoring function and a smart alarm clock. Auping bed bases are available in all common sizes and suitable for all beds and box springs.

  • Remembers your favourite settings
  • Never lie awake again from a snoring partner
  • Wake up wonderfully with the smart alarm clock
  • Connects to all your favourite devices in the house
  • Easy to use

Auronde seperable

A seperable Auronde is a double bed made out of two parts that can easily be seperated. This feature makes it very easy for you to clean underneath your bed. The bed has a connector at the head- and foot end. The connector at the head end keeps the beds together and the connector at the foot end can be easily disconnected to seperate the two beds. 

Since 1888

For more than 130 years, Auping has been designing the very best ways of resting. And for good reason. We believe a well-rested world, is a better world. A beautiful world. Every single bed is made with care and attention to details, the environment and the future.

Each Auping bed, mattress and mesh base is made for you by our specialists in our sustainable factory in Deventer. All those years of knowledge and experience are reflected in the Auping Original's design. With Auping Original you choose for premium quality and comfort of the highest level.

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