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Bed Auping Auronde

Bed Auping Auronde: 40 years of timeless design

From the moment Frans de la Haye designed this bed in 1973, this classic has been moving with times. The bed is regularly changed to meet the latest colour trends, requirements and insights, even as far as comfort is concerned. Thanks to the clear, clean lines, the contemporary design of the bed comes to the fore. The lovely cylindrical shapes in the easily recognisable Auronde legs give the bed a comfortable and timeless look. The unique design of the Auronde will enrich any bedroom.  In combination with an Auping bed base and mattress, it guarantees an extremely comfortable bed. Wake up ready for another energetic day.

  • Design classic
  • Designed by Frans de la Haye
  • The sleeping position is ergonomically adapted to suit your personal preferences.
  • Adjustable for ultimate comfort


  • Various formats
  • 3 heights
  • 13 colours
  • Divisible optional
  • Sustainable design
  • Ventilation and support

The Auping Auronde is available in different sizes

The Auping Auronde is available as both a single and a double bed.

Single bed measurements: 
80 x 200/210/220 cm, 90 x 200/210/220 cm, 100 x 200/210/220 cm 120 x 200/210/220 cm

Double bed measurements:
140 x 200/210/220 cm, 160 x 200/210/220 cm, 180 x 200/210/220 cm, 200 x 200/210/220 cm

 Auping mattresses are available as single or double beds. Just choose what is most comfortable for you or what fits best in your bedroom.


You can choose between 3 bed heights

Do you want to be able to get in and out of bed easily? Well, that's no problem as there are 3 bed heights to choose from*:

  • 61 cm
  • 53.5 cm
  • 47 cm 

*On the basis of an Auping mesh base and Adagio mattress.

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Choice of 13 colours and 2 finishes

There is an amazing range of 13 different colours and 2 types of finish to choose from. Choose between a matt varnish or beech finish stained in a variety of colour tints.

  • Matt varnish comes in the colours: pure white, deep black, warm grey, cool grey, ocean blue, clay en forest green.
  • Beech is stained in the colours: stained white, natural beech, cherries beech, chestnut beech, wenge beech, black beech.
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Divisible Auronde

The Auping Auronde is also available in a format that can be separated: a complete 2-person’s Auronde whereby the two parts can easily be separated and slid back together. This makes it much easier to make up the bed and keep the bedroom clean.

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Sustainable design

The Auronde not only offers you timeless design, but also excellent sustainability. The Auronde is made of high quality layered beech wood. This beech wood is sourced in Europe from sustainable forests. The wood is finished with a matt varnish or stain, making the surface resistant to wear.  ​The Auronde frame and head end and the Auronde table are both Cradle 2 Cradle basic certified for their choice in materials. This certification guarantees that a minimum of 50% of the bed is made from recycled and recyclable materials.

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Ventilation and support

Assemble your perfect bed by choosing a flat or (electrically-) adjustable bed base and a mattress that suited for your body. The Auping spiral base, combined with an Auping mattress, offers exactly the right distribution of body pressure, ensuring you get a good night's sleep. You can select from a number of different possibilities: 

  • Adjustable back
  • Adjustable back and legs
  • Adjustable back, legs and neck

Tip: Do you prefer a double bed with two adjustable bases? If so, you can also add a split top mattress. This allows you to adjust the two headboards separately from each other, while the rest of the bed forms a single unit.



  • Auronde table (also separable)

    The Auronde table is movable and can therefore be used as night stand or as a table at the foot of the bed for example. The design, colour and material match the bed. You have a choice of 14 colours and it's available for every height.

  • Auronde back element

    A special back element was designed for the Auping Auronde. It subtly adds a stylish touch to the Auronde. The back element is available in a range of heights and colours.

  • Auronde back wall

    The matching back wall with integrated rear roller door cabinets is the perfect addition to the Auping Auronde. With its stylish appearance and endless storage opportunities it will add the finishing touch to both the bed and your bedroom.

  • Auronde headboard

    A special headboard was designed for the Auping Auronde. The headboard forms a stylish whole that is in harmony with the round forms and clear-cut lines of the bed. As you may expect from Auping, this board also ensures maximum comfort.

Experience the Auronde yourself.

We'd love to help you select your Auronde. Visit one of our stores for professional tailored sleep advice and experience the comfort of the Auronde or any other Auping beds.