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Bed Auping Match

Bed Auping Match: Complete your style

At Auping, design means products with focus and attention to detail. With Match, you can see the perfect balance between comfort, individuality and timeless design. Are you looking for a straight shape? Choose the wooden surround. If prefer a rounder shape in your bedroom, go for the aluminium bed frame. There is always a solution that suits you perfectly. In combination with an Auping bed base and mattress, it guarantees an extremely comfortable bed. Wake up ready for another energetic day.

  • Choose your style
  • Frame and headboard in 12 colours
  • The sleeping position is ergonomically adapted to suit your personal preferences
  • Adjustable for ultimate comfort


  • Various formats
  • 1 height
  • 12 colours
  • Headboard optional
  • Ventilation and support

The Auping Match is available in a range of sizes

The Auping Match is available as both a single and a double bed. 

Single bed measurements: 
80 x 200/210/220 cm, 90 x 200/210/220 cm, 100 x 200/210/220 cm 120 x 200/210/220 cm

Double bed measurements:
140 x 200/210/220 cm, 160 x 200/210/220 cm, 180 x 200/210/220 cm, 200 x 200/210/220 cm

 Auping mattresses are available as single or double beds. Just choose what is most comfortable for you or what fits best in your bedroom.


The Match's bed height

The lying height of the Match with an Auping mesh base and an Adagio mattress is 53.5 cm.

You can choose from two types of legs: straight or curved. 

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Choose from 12 colours and 2 types of frames

Choose from 12 colours and 2  types of frames. Wood or aluminium. The wooden frame is from solid beech. The sides are rounded at the bottom. Do you prefer a rounder shape? Go for the aluminium bed frame. 


  • Matt varnish comes in the colours: pure white, deep black,  cool grey, warm grey, night blue, rusty red 
  • Beech is stained in the colours: stained white, natural beech, cherry beech, chestnut beech, wenge beech, black beech 


  • Colours: pure white, deep black,  cool grey, warm grey, night blue, rusty red  

So, whether you choose timeless black or a trendy colour, Auping always gives you the opportunity to find a bed that suits you.

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You can choose from 2 designs

Choose your style
Are you looking for a straight and slim headboard decorated with aluminium corners? Choose the headboard straight. Do you prefer rounded corners? Choose the wooden headboard.

So, whether you choose straight or curved, Auping always gives you the opportunity to find a bed that suits you.

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Ventilation and support

Assemble your perfect bed by choosing a flat or (electrically-) adjustable bed base and a mattress that suited for your body. The Auping spiral base, combined with an Auping mattress, offers exactly the right distribution of body pressure, ensuring you get a good night's sleep. You can select from a number of different possibilities: 

  • Adjustable back
  • Adjustable back and legs
  • Adjustable back, legs and neck

Tip: Do you prefer a double bed with two adjustable bases? If so, you can also add a split top mattress. This allows you to adjust the two headboards separately from each other, while the rest of the bed forms a single unit.



  • Match floating night stand

    A floating steel night stand was designed for the Auping Match that fits all three models. It is in aluminium and has a drawer, of which the wooden front can be made in all Match wood species.

  • Match headboard

    The Match is designed by our own Auping Design team consisting of industrial designers, engineers and stylists. For every design, a great deal of thought is put into the material and design choices. This has led to a timeless design, which fits any interior.

Experience the Match yourself

Visit one of our stores when selecting your Match. Come to one of our stores for professional tailored sleep advice and experience the comfort of the Match or other Auping beds.