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Bed Royal: Individual sleeping comfort

The Auping Royal is entirely designed for individual sleeping comfort at the highest level. Thanks to the unique combination of high-quality and sophisticated innovations, like the automatic shoulder-comfort zone, the bed follows the outline of your body in smooth gradual steps.  A unique innovative bed which is sure to contribute to optimal rest at night and maximum energy during the day. 

  • Optimal support of your body thanks to 5 adjustable areas.
  • Innovation technology
  • Simple remote control
  • Adjusted to your wishes


  • Individual measurements

Individual measuring system (IMS)

The hinge points of the Individual Measurement System (IMS) of your Royal can be adjusted to your body length. This feature combined with other adjustment options ensures optimal comfort also in a sitting position because of adequate support of the upper legs.


  • Royal night light

    The Royal night light contains a dimmable low-energy LED light.  The light can be set to the right position by means of pivoting and turning movements.

  • Royal night table

    This floating suspended table is made of curved beech and finished with high-quality lacquer. The table offers quite some storage space thanks to its curved shape.

Experience the Royal yourself.

We'd love to help you select your Royal. Visit one of our stores for professional tailored sleep advice and experience the comfort of the Royal or other Auping beds.