Noa bed

Our latest bed Noa is a genuine Scandinavian design, boasting simple shapes, clever details and natural materials. Designed by Danish designer Eva Harlou.

  • Archiproducts Design Awards 2021 and iF Design Award 2022
  • Made with love in our sustainable factory in Deventer
  • Choose from a well-balanced color palette with 6 colours
  • Available with two head boards
  • Combine with an Auping Smart base

Configure your own Noa dreambed.

Our latest bed Noa is a genuine Scandinavian design, boasting simple shapes, clever details and natural materials. Designed by Danish designer Eva Harlou.

  • Made with love in our sustainable factory in Deventer
  • Choose from a well-balanced color palette with 6 colours
  • Available with two head boardsDesign
  • Combine with an Auping Smart base

noa bed with headbord

Oase of tranquility

Auping Noa is made of very solid beechwood with oak veneer. It has an airy design and is guaranteed to look beautiful in every bedroom.

Auping Noa was made with love, and it shows. The headboard features laser-cut details, the frame has a beautiful rounded shape and the legs have a subtle milled edge. This bed features soft shapes only. The wave in the design gives the bed its unique look. And thanks to its rounded corners, the headboard provides a safe and sheltered feeling. The bed is supported by tapered legs with beautiful details. They stand slightly inwards, making it appear as if the bed is floating in your bedroom.

Configure your own Noa dreambed

Auping Noa, designed and presented by Eva Harlou
colours noa bed

The colours of Noa

For the finish of the bed, there are 6 stained colours available:

  • Balanced oak
  • Midnight black oak
  • Soft white oak
  • Chocolate brown oak
  • Dark blue oak
  • Chalk grey oak

The subdued colour palette is inspired by nature. All colours are all equally soft and relaxing, and tie in perfectly with the Scandinavian design. Would you rather give the clean colour palette a little daring touch? Simply add duvet covers and accessories in different textures and colours.

designer Eva Harlou

Eva Harlou

Noa is designed by the Danish architect and designer Eva Harlou. Eva graduated from the Aarhus School of Architecture in 2003. Her Scandinavian eye for shapes, functionality and beauty is reflected in all her designs.

"I wanted to design a bed that represents both Auping and my Danish architectural background. The simple and functional details on the frame, headboard and legs give the bed its distinctive look. The idea was to create a durable bed with a classic look that easily fits into many different interiors. The design embraces our everyday life and all its magical moments. Framed in a beautiful, functional and responsible design." 
Eva Harlou. Designer.

Meet Eva here.

brown wooden noa bed with headbord

The head board seems to float

The elegant, slightly curved headboard features open lamellas, giving the bed a subtle and airy look. Do you prefer a solid headboard? We’ve got one too.

The headboard is attached to the bed with a hidden support, making it appear as if it were floating behind the bed. The curved headboard curls around the bed, as it were, making it cosy to snuggle up against. With a cup of tea, or your beloved one.

Configure your Noa dreambed.

table for noa bed

Table for Noa

The Auping Noa table can be placed next to your bed as a bedside table and you can also tilt the table, which comes in handy if you have some work to finish. Or if you want to enjoy some Netflix.

The frame of the table is made of Deep black powder-coated steel. That is a signature Auping look. The Auping mesh base, for example, is always Deep black as well. The table top is made of beech plywood and is available in the same finish as the Noa bed.

The magazine holder on the table is made of felt. You can easily attach it under the table top when you put the table on its side, so that it doesn't touch the floor.

wooden wheel noa bed

Turn around one more time

A unique design element of Auping Noa are the wooden wheels.

The wooden wheels are not only beautiful eye-catchers, they also actually work. At first glance, you may think they don’t because we have hidden the rotating mechanism on the inside of the wheels.

It allows you to easily move the bed. Convenient if you want to rearrange your bedroom. Or if you have accidentally dropped something behind your bed.

noa day bed for the garden

An oasis of tranquility in your living room

Noa is also available as day bed. It's airy and scandinavian design is perfect for open spaces in your house such as the living room, the hall or even a covered terrace.

We have developed an upholstered, slender mattress for a single Noa bed. With a matching pillow roll. We upholster the mattress and pillow roll with the fabric Clara, from Kvadrat. Available in 9 colours.

sustainable wooden noa bed with with duvet cover

Strong and sustainable beech wood

We deliberately chose to use wood for Noa. This natural material suits the bed’s shapes well and is also very sustainable. Beechwood is strong and has a very long lifespan.
Since the material is so durable, you won’t feel the need to replace your bed any time soon, which prevents waste. And that's important to us at Auping, because we aim to limit waste as much as possible.

electric adjustable noa bed

Smart Noa

Do you want a smart Auping Noa? Then you can combine her with the Auping Smart base. This adjustable mesh base not only provides extra support for your back, it also has all kinds of smart features that will help you sleep even better. An example is the smart alarm clock that wakes you up in the lightest stage of your sleep and thanks to the anti-snoring feature, your snoring partner will never keep you awake again.

woman sleeps in brown noa bed

Noa & Evolve, a sustainable pair

Combine Noa with the Auping Evolve mattress. Evolve is world's first fully circular mattress.

This mattress is not only good for the environment, it is also really good for a great night’s sleep. We use innovative materials that makes the mattress ventilate very well.

This sustainable mattress Evolve fits Noa perfectly. Take a look at our entire mattress assortment to find your perfect match. 

noa bed with brown bed leg

Made with love in Deventer

All our beds are made in our sustainable factory in Deventer. That shows in the sublime finish. Or actually, that doesn't show. The love and attention are hidden in the details.

An example of this genuine craftsmanship: all parts of Noa are invisibly connected and the connections between two parts feature a nice milled edge. So instead of bolts or screws, you see an elegant detail, making Auping Noa easy and peaceful for the eye.

Will Noa be your oasis of tranquility?

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