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Box spring Criade

Criade: Create your own Criade box spring

When you choose the Criade box spring you are sure to have a real eyecatcher in your bedroom. Something that suits your personal style perfectly. Indeed, you can choose from lots of different frame colours, various fabrics and colours for your upholstery, and can adapt things down to the finest detail. It’s a contemporary design complete with the best Auping comfort.

  • Can be completely designed in your own selection of colours and upholstery
  • Optimum ventilation and comfort thanks to the unique AVS®-system
  • Sleeping position adjusted to suit your own personal preferences
  • Adjustable for additional comfort
  • Award winner at the Good Industrial Design Foundation


  • Various fabrics
  • 5 colours for the frame
  • Adjustable
  • Ergonomic design

A variety of colours and textiles

At Auping sustainability is a keyword that applies across the board: in manufacturing methods, the working environment, relationships with others and naturally also in our designs and selected materials. The majority of our fabrics may be classed as sustainable and are recyclable. Auping’s extensive range of fabrics invites you to mix and match to your heart’s content, to create your own personal Criade box spring in a style that suits you perfectly. The collection offers plenty of opportunities when it comes to materials, structures, relief and colours. The various materials are rich in possibilities, giving combinations whereby the colours and textures of the textiles blend together perfectly, creating a unique style. Auping works closely with the trendsetting and high quality Danish textile producer Kvadrat. Their latest development is the textile called Revive. This is a unique material made of recycled plastic ‘PET’ bottles. The ‘Molly’ fabric is also very special, made from unbleached and uncoloured sheep’s wool in the sheep’s natural colour.


Frame: choice of 5 colours

The high quality frame is a sturdy basis for the Criade box spring. The frame has elegant legs at the perfect height for vacuuming underneath and for the bed to create the most spacious possible look in the bedroom. With a choice of 5 frame colours the fabric can also be matched to suit. The choices are: pure white, deep black, sparkling bronze, copper and brique.

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You can choose how to adjust your Criade box spring: either manually or electrically. This provides additional comfort when reading or watching TV for example. It can also be handy and more comfortable to adjust your bed when you go to sleep, for instance when you are suffering from a cold or injury. You can select from a number of different possibilities:

  • Adjustable back 
  • Adjustable back and legs
  • Adjustable back, legs and neck

There’s no need for things to get uncomfortable in a two-person’s bed, when each has an adjustable bed base. A split top mattress is the solution, allowing the two head ends to be adjusted individually in height, while the rest of the bed remains as one.

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A sleeping position that’s perfect for you

The Criade box spring consists of a box with mesh base and pocket springs (box spring base), upholstered mattress and top layer. The 80% open structure of the mesh base allows fresh air to circulate and provides support for the body across every square centimetre. You can also choose your Auping Criade mattress (link your next sleeping position specs) in the colour that suits you best. The mattress and top layer are also made in ventilating materials and provide the very best support. This unique Auping construction allows you to sleep comfortably and wake up feeling fresh and rested every day.



  • Different Criade foot and headboards

    The stylish Criade can be expanded upon with different headboards in Plain, Curl, Cushion, Bend and Square styles. The foot boards come in the Plain, Bend and Square styles. Plain: clean, geometric design, basic shapes. Bend: clean design with bending, geometric shape with soft curves. Square: known form with touch of classic design. Curl: classic known form with curl, with touch of old-fashioned lounge chair. Cushion: soft and comfortable basic form, cosy/ attractive.

  • Criade LED reading lamp

    Make your Criade complete with matching accessories such as pillows, a bed bench or matching LED lamp. The lamp is attached with a magnet and this makes it easy to place it on any desired spot on the Criade frame, also to the back side of the headboard.

  • Criade tablet and handset holders

    Storage options for the tablet or remote control are possible on the box spring.

Experience the Criade box spring yourself

We'd love to help you select your Criade box spring Visit one of our stores for professional tailored sleep advice and experience the comfort of the Essential or other Auping beds.