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Box spring Kiruna

Auping Kiruna Box spring: Extra luxury and comfort

The Kiruna box spring is of unheard of luxury that discerns itself from all other box springs through its warm appearance and high quality  As soon as you lay down, you experience it yourself, sleeping on a Kiruna box spring is sleeping in style. It ensures a wonderful night sleep and an energetic start to the day.

  • Many options in the Auping fabric collection
  • Adjustable for extra comfort
  • Box spring with AVS®-system
  • Spiral bed base integrated in box 
  • Ergonomic base & mattress


  • Various materials
  • Ergonomic design
  • Adjustable
  • Ergonomic design
  • Design
  • Design
  • Design
  • Design

A variety of colours and textiles

At Auping sustainability is a keyword that applies across the board: in manufacturing methods, the working environment, relationships with others and naturally also in our designs and selected materials. The majority of our fabrics may be classed as sustainable and are recyclable. Auping’s extensive range of fabrics invites you to mix and match to your heart’s content, to create your own personal Criade box spring in a style that suits you perfectly. The collection offers plenty of opportunities when it comes to materials, structures, relief and colours. The various materials are rich in possibilities, giving combinations whereby the colours and textures of the textiles blend together perfectly, creating a unique style. Auping works closely with the trendsetting and high quality Danish textile producer Kvadrat. Their latest development is the textile called Revive. This is a unique material made of recycled plastic ‘PET’ bottles. The ‘Molly’ fabric is also very special, made from unbleached and uncoloured sheep’s wool in the sheep’s natural colour.


Kiruna matresses and top mattresses

The Kiruna Unik or Kurina Sami mattress: This mattress is 18 cm high, has 7 comfort zones and consists of a core that is built up from barrel shaped pocket springs. The Kiruna Unik Deluxe or Kurina Sami Deluxe mattress: This one is 20 cm high, has 7 comfort zones and contains a core structure with barrel and cylinder shaped springs. For additional suppleness in the shoulder and lower back zone and extra support in the other zones. This way the body receives the correct support at every spot.

In order to offer optimal comfort, you can choose the Kiruna Unik Deluxe top mattress with a core of Latex Pura or the Kiruna Unika Deluxe top mattress with horse hair if you love a cosy and soft feeling. With your preferred top mattress you have guaranteed top comfort and you will wake up well rested and fresh in the morning. Extra comfort with the split top mattress. With a split top mattress you can adjust both bed bases independently from each other without an annoying seam in the middle.

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You can choose how to adjust your Kiruna box spring: either manually or electrically. This provides additional comfort when reading or watching TV for example. It can also be handy and more comfortable to adjust your bed when you go to sleep, for instance when you are suffering from a cold or injury. You can select from a number of different possibilities:

  • Adjustable back 
  • Adjustable back and legs
  • Adjustable back, legs and neck

There’s no need for things to get uncomfortable in a two-person’s bed, when each has an adjustable bed base. A split top mattress is the solution, allowing the two head ends to be adjusted individually in height, while the rest of the bed remains as one.

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A sleeping position that’s perfect for you

The Criade box spring consists of a box with mesh base and pocket springs (box spring base), upholstered mattress and top layer. The 80% open structure of the mesh base allows fresh air to circulate and provides support for the body across every square centimetre. You can also choose your Auping Criade mattress (link your next sleeping position specs) in the colour that suits you best. The mattress and top layer are also made in ventilating materials and provide the very best support. This unique Auping construction allows you to sleep comfortably and wake up feeling fresh and rested every day.

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Kiruna Unik

This very comfortable box spring is the classical type in the Kiruna family. The durable box spring is built on a mesh base and offers ample ventilation.

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Kiruna Unik Deluxe

This very comfortable box spring is the luxury type in the Kiruna family. Thanks to the mattress with barrel and cylinder shaped springs and the specially designed top mattress you will get comfort that adjusts to your body.

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Kiruna Sami

This very comfortable box spring stands out within the Kiruna family because of its modern design. The durable box spring is built on a mesh base with AVS ® and offers ample ventilation this way.

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Kiruna Sami Deluxe

This very comfortable box spring is the luxury type in the Kiruna Sami family. Thanks to the mattress with barrel and cylinder shaped springs and top mattress with horse hair you will get comfort that is just as unique as yourself.



  • Box spring fabrics

    A versatile collection that comprises of more than 130 colours that gives you endless combinations and gives your Kiruna box spring the look you have in mind. Quality durable fabrics that feel very comfortable and have a great appearance. Auping works closely with fabric manufacturer Kvadrat. Their newest development is the Revive, which is made of recycled PET bottles.

  • Kiruna foot and headboard

    Complete your Kiruna box spring with a foot and headboard in the fabric and colour of your choosing.

Experience the Kiruna box spring yourself.

We'd love to help you configure your Kiruna box spring Visit one of our stores for professional tailored sleep advice and experience the comfort of the Kiruna box spring or other Auping beds.