Original box spring

Timeless design and an eye for high-quality workmanship. That’s the Original box spring. Thanks to cleverly placed legs, the box spring seems to float even before you start dreaming. Thanks to 89 fabrics and 5 headboards, you can also design the box spring to suit you perfectly. The mesh base, pocket springs and mattress provide perfect ventilation and support for dreaming.

The composition of a box spring

Our Original box spring is richly filled and lacks nothing: it contains a mesh base and pocket springs.
Each has its own advantages. You can easily change positions during the night thanks to the pocket springs in both the box spring and the mattress. They also support you well while sleeping. The mesh base is 80% open structure, which makes the box spring especially well-ventilated. This gives you air. The pocket springs and mesh base ensure that you are well-rested.

Our Original box spring is available in different models.
As a single box spring of 80, 90, 100, or 120 cm wide by 200, 210, or 220 cm long.
As a double box spring of 140, 160, 180, or 200 cm wide by 200, 210, or 220 cm long.

Thanks to the wheels under the legs in the divisible version of the complete double box spring, you can easily slide the two sections further apart or towards each other. This way you can easily reach everything, for example to make up the bed and keep your bedroom clean.

Mattresses for your box spring

After you choose the box, it’s time for a mattress. This is on top of the box and can be upholstered or left white. If you choose an upholstered mattress, a top mattress will go on top of it.

All mattresses, upholstered or not, give you the right support thanks to pocket springs. You can really find out which mattress suits your body and wishes best in our shop. For example, we always combine an upholstered mattress with a top mattress. This extra layer on your box spring is a personal choice because it determines the feeling and not the support. To really understand this, you have to feel it and that can be done perfectly in one of our stores.

There is always an Auping mattress of your dreams. There are four levels of firmness: soft, medium, firm, and extra firm. The pocket springs that provide this support were specially developed for Auping and extensively tested in the test centre. This way, the pocket springs move completely independently of each other, so you get support exactly where you need it.

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Headboards and footboards for the Orginal box spring

An Auping box spring is only really finished with a headboard and footboard. You can choose from five headboards and one footboard for the Original box spring. All of them are hand-upholstered in our sewing workshop in Deventer. You can see this because the headboards and footboards are upholstered all the way around. This makes the Original box spring look good in the middle of your room too. A bed that’s beautiful even from the back: it sounds like a dream.

The five headboards:

  • Dublin: contemporary and sleek with decorative stitching in the middle.
  • Dominica: refined and slender.
  • Nice: robust and bold.
  • Portofino: high, classic, and finished with cambered, round buttons.
  • Valencia: soft and loosely upholstered. The stitching divides the headboard into pretty compartments.

These headboards can be combined with the Siena footboard. This footboard is straight and timeless.

Fabrics for the Original box spring

An Auping box spring is only really finished when it suits you perfectly. The Original box spring can be upholstered with 89 different fabrics. They come in different colours and structures. Stop by one of our shops to see and touch them to get a good idea of what you’d like. We will be happy to advise you on the best fit for your box spring.

There are three different fabric groups:

Fabric group A
These are basic fabrics in solid colours that have subtle textures. The ‘Irregular’ is one of the collection’s most popular choices: a light-coloured, 100% polyester fabric with an irregular weave.

Fabric group B
These are fabrics with special structures and include wool, cotton, and polyester. The Points is one of the collection’s most popular choices. This fabric is made of recycled yarn from second-hand clothing or fabric remnants.

Fabric group C
These are durable woollen fabrics from the Danish fabric manufacturer Kvadrat. The Molly is one of the collection’s most popular choices: this fabric hasn’t been dyed or bleached, so the colours are those of the sheep’s actual wool.

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The best base for your box spring

Did you know that Johannes Auping invented the mesh base in 1888? Now, over 130 years later, this revolutionary invention still ensures perfect ventilation thanks to its open structure. Of course, the mesh base has been improved and developed further, but all Auping box springs still contain a mesh base. Our bases are 80% open and made of sturdy, braided steel wire. This makes your bed extra airy and it lasts even longer.

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How wild is your dream? If you want, you can even get the Original box spring as an adjustable bed. That is convenient when you have back pain or a persistent cough. Or of course, if you like to read or watch Netflix in bed. You can choose exactly what you want to adjust: the back, the legs, or the head. Or adjust all three, if need be. You can adjust the Original box spring using the remote control or Auping Connect. Auping Connect makes it possible for you to operate your adjustable box spring with a smartphone. Store the remote control in the holders that can be attached to the bed; these are made of the same fabric as the bed. The box spring includes a strong Velcro strip between the box and the mattress so that nothing slides around when you adjust it. Beautifully shaped buttons and loops fasten the top mattress to the mattress. You can really live in this bed.

Dutch craftmanship in Deventer

Our Original box spring is partially made by hand and partially by machine in our own factory in Deventer. We combine handcrafting and craftsmanship with the latest developments in technology, ergonomics and design here. Each box spring is made with attention to detail, the environment and the future. We find it very important to make products for long-term use. That’s why we choose the best materials and why our suppliers are close to home. That’s how we think about everything, so that you don’t have to.

An eye for detail

The finish of all Auping box springs is of the highest quality. We think it’s important that the box springs not only make sure that you sleep well, but that they also look beautiful and last a long time. It’s often the small details that make the difference. For example, we finish the corners of the box spring and upholstered mattresses with double stitching. Beautifully shaped buttons and loops prevent the top mattress and the mattress from sliding around.

Are you convinced the Original box spring is the perfect fit for you?

We will be happy to help you build your own Original box spring. Stop by one of our shops for professional, personalised sleep advice and try out this box spring for yourself.