Criade box spring

The Auping Criade is a sophisticated box spring. The Criade's steel frame is what gives it its unique signature, with horizontal lines that bring harmony to the design. Create a special atmosphere in your bedroom by selecting your own fabric and frame colours. If you want, you can have your Criade box spring made electrically adjustable.

Price starting at € 3.495,- (NL)
Price as displayed at photo: € 3.495,-
Displayed at photo: Criade box spring 180 x 200 cm with Plain head board.
Upholstered with fabric: stof Irregular Antracite. Combined with Auping Inizio mattress.
All mentioned prices are non-binding recommended prices.

The design of the Criade box spring

With the Criade’s lean lines and sophisticated details, this sleek box spring boasts a distinctive design. The steel frame brings harmony to the design and the horizontal line connects the two box springs.

The sophisticated legs lend the Criade's design an air of lightness, while the steel frame provides a firm base. The head and footboards are directly attached to the top of the frame, leaving plenty of room under the bed. The use of diverse materials creates Auping's characteristic design. 

Select the powder-coated coloured finish of the steel frame and the fabric, along with your favourite headboard and footboard. If you prefer, you can also have your Criade box spring made electrically adjustable.

Colours for the Criade box spring

In our factory in Deventer (NL) we powder coat the frame in the colour you desire. Powder coating is a painting process that makes steel wear-resistant and colourful. 

For the Criade frame you can choose from ten different colours: 

Deep black, Pure white, Cool grey, Warm grey, Clay, Forest green, Blush, Night blue, Rusty red, Coral red.

The three most popular colours are: Deep black, Warm grey en Pure white.

Fabrics for the Criade box spring

For the Criade box spring you can choose from 89 different fabrics. They differ both in colour and texture. In our stores you can see and feel all our fabrics, and we can advice you which fabric fits best to the box spring of your choice. There are three fabrics groups: 

  • Fabric group A: this group is made up of basic fabrics in solid colours that have textures which are not overly pronounced. The fabrics are mostly made of polyester. The Irregular is one of the collection’s most popular choices: a light coloured 100% polyester fabric with an irregular weave.
  • Fabric group B: this group is made up of fabrics with special textures, including wool, cotton and polyester. The Points fabric is one of the collection’s most popular choices. This fabric is made of recycled yarn from second-hand clothing or fabric remnants.
  • Fabric group C: this group is made up of durable woollen fabrics from the Danish fabric manufacturer Kvadrat. Molly is one of the collection’s most popular choices: this fabric hasn't been dyed or bleached and is in the colours of the sheep’s actual wool.

The Criade box (and Criade headboard Plain) is available as BS7177 certified FR version (UK only). FR versions available in fabric group B (“Facet” only) & C.

Read more about the 89 different fabrics in our collection.

Criade headboards and footboards

The Criade is available with four headboards and three footboards. Each of the Criade's headboards and footboards have been upholstered by hand in our Deventer sewing studio. The fabric fits perfectly because the upholstering is done by hand. To showcase the Criade as an eye-catcher in the middle of your bedroom, the headboards and footboards have been fully upholstered.

The four headboards:

  • Plain: a rectangular headboard with a sleek, clear design. (Plain footboard available)
  • Bend: a two-piece bended headboard with rounded details. (Bend footboard available)
  • Square: a high headboard, quilted and classically finished with round buttons. (Square footboard available)
  • Cushion: a soft and more loosely upholstered headboard finished with long, metal rods that are always the same colour as the box frame.

Layers of a box spring

The Criade is a box spring with high-quality filling: the box contains a mesh base and pocket springs. The box spring has excellent ventilation thanks to the Auping mesh base, which has a structure that is 80% open. You can easily turn during the night and enjoy plenty of support while you sleep thanks to the pocket springs in both the box spring and the mattress.

The Criade is available in various formats:
As single box spring : 80, 90, 100 or 120 cm width & 200, 210 of 220 cm length.
As double box spring: 140, 160, 180 or 200 cm width & 200, 210 of 220 cm length.

Mattresses for your box spring

There are two so-called boxes on top of the Criade frame, covered by a mattress. You can have the mattress upholstered or you can leave it white.  If you choose an upholstered mattress (a dedicated box spring mattress) you need to add a top mattress as well.

In the Auping stores you will be adviced which mattress fits your body best. Both the upholstered mattresses and the white mattresses have pocket springs and offer perfect support.

A top mattress is always added to an upholstered mattress. This additional layer of the box spring determines the feeling you experience while asleep, which is very personal and is independent of the support your body needs. A matter of trying what you like. 

Read more about Auping mattresses, upholstered mattresses and top mattresses.

The best base for your box spring

All Auping box springs have an Auping mesh base. A mesh base provides the best ventilation, compared to all other bed bases because of its open structure.  

The mesh base was invented in 1888 by Johannes Auping. It has been improved over the years but it is still made of firmly braided steel wire. The mesh base is 80% open. 

The Auping mesh base combined with Auping mattresses together provide perfect ventilation, this not only lets you sleep better it also extends the lifespan of the box spring

Extra support: adjustable box spring

The Criade is also available as an adjustable box spring. An adjustable bed is extra comfortable if you want to read, have back pain, a persistent cough or even if you'd just like to watch TV in the evening.

You can choose what you adjust thanks to the three different models that the adjustable box spring comes in: just the back, the back and legs, or select all three adjustable elements, back, legs and head.

You can adjust the Criade using the remote control or Auping Connect. Auping Connect makes it possible for you to operate your adjustable bed with a smartphone. Store the remote control in the holders that can be attached to the bed; these are made of the same fabric as the bed.

The Criade includes a strong Velcro strip between the box and the mattress so that nothing slides around when you adjust the Criade’s settings. Beautifully shaped buttons and loops fasten the top mattress to the mattress.

Dutch craftmanship

All Auping box springs, also the Criade, are made in our factory in Deventer (NL), partially by hand and partially by machine. In the Auping factory, craftsmanship and technology are combined with the latest developments in the field of design and ergonomics.

Every single Auping box spring is made with care and attention to detail, the environment and the future. We hold on to Johannes Auping his idea to make products with a long lifespan, for already 130 yeards. That is why we only select the best materials and therefore we choose our suppliers close to us. 

This allows us to guarantee that the Criade has the best quality and a long lifespan. 

Eye for detail

The detailing and finishing of all Auping box springs is of high quality. We believe it is important that our box springs not only let you sleep well but also that they look good and last a long time. Examples of these details:

We have carefully selected ten yarn colours to embroider the Auping logo at the side of the box spring that perfectly match the colours of the Criade frame. 

And the corners of the boxes and upholstered mattresses are finished with double stiching. 

Are you convinced that the Criade boxspring fits your bed room perfectly? 

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The Auping employees advice you which Criade suits you best.
Together you make an appointement for delivery and installation of the Criade.