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Criade box spring: Outstanding in design

Beautiful box spring for lovers of design. A striking and unique steel design frame. Lower than traditional box springs, which means that this Auping Criade box spring fits into the trend of slimmer box springs. Choose an upholstered mattress and top mattress or go for a mattress.

  • Choice of 6 beautiful frame colours
  • Choice of 5 headboards and 3 footboards

Various formats
Head- and footboard
6 frame colours
Various fabrics

Various sizes

The Auping Criade box spring is available in a single and in a double box spring.

Dimensions single box spring:
Available widths: 80 cm, 90 cm, 100 cm or 120 cm
Available lengths: 200 cm, 210 cm or 220 cm

Dimensions double box spring:
Available widths: 140 cm, 160 cm, 180 cm or 200 cm
Available lengths: 200 cm, 210 cm or 220 cm


Kies voor een hoofd- en voetbord

To make your Criade box spring absolutely complete, choose from various styles of matching headboards and footboards. All our headboards are entirely upholstered, front and back, so that your box spring can be placed anywhere in the room, not just against a wall.

If simplicity is your goal, with an eye for detail, then choose the Plain headboard and footboard. For a more traditional headboard with a contemporary twist, the Curl headboard is perfect. All headboards are attached to the steel design frame.

Plain headboard: clean, geometric design (height 90 cm, 100 cm or 110 cm) and matching footboard (70 cm or 80 cm).
Bend headboard: geometric shape with soft curves (105 cm or 115 cm) and matching footboard (70 cm or 80 cm):  
Square headboard: well-known shape with a touch of classic design (120 or 140 cm) and matching footboard (70 cm or 80 cm)
Curl headboard: traditional shape with a curl, inspired by old-fashioned lounge chairs (height 110 cm or 120 cm).  
Cushion headboard: soft and comfortable standard shape (height 115 cm or 135 cm).

6 frame colours

Choice of 6 different frame colours, which allows you to literally set the tone of your box spring. Choose from:

  • deep black
  • pure white
  • cool grey
  • coral red
  • copper
  • sparkling bronze

Choice of fabrics from the extensive Auping collection

Choose the colour and the fabric for your upholstered mattress. You may also choose coordinated piping, if you wish.

Auping has put together a gorgeous collection of fabrics which stands out above the rest in structure, texture and colour. In fact, you can choose from 89 different options.   

Of course, it goes without saying that our upholstery collection adheres to the highest quality and sustainability standards. Read more about our fabrics.


You have the option to make your Criade box spring adjustable. This option provides you extra comfort while reading or watching television. But adjustability can also offer your extra comfort while you are sleeping, for example when you have a cold or an injury.

You can choose from several adjustability options:

  • Adjustable back
  • Adjustable back and legs
  • Adjustable back, legs and neck

Tip: An adjustable box spring is also easier to make up. Raise up the legs and back, put on the fitted sheet and lower them back down. Raising the bed up slightly also makes it easier to vacuum under the bed, keeping your whole room fresh and clean.