Revive Dark grey

Revive Dark grey

This shown combination consists of:
  • Mattress: Revive
  • Mesh base: Flat
  • Width box spring: 140 cm
  • Length box spring: 200 cm
  • Colour box spring: Dark grey
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  • icon_sustainabilitySustainably made in deventer

Why choose the Revive boxspring

The Auping Revive gives your sleep and your bedroom a real upgrade. The Auping Revive is a bed with the looks of a box spring and is available in two variants. This variant has a flat mesh base with a grey mattress and a headboard.

The combination of the Revive mattress and the Auping mesh base ensure optimal ventilation, the open structure of the mesh base ensures optimal ventilation, allowing your mattress to breathe easier and last longer, and for you to step out of bed every day feeling refreshed.

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This displayed combination consists of


Auping Revive

The bed base of the Auping Revive consists of a mesh base with wheels under the front legs and a cover around the frame. The cover makes the bed look like a box spring, but without the heaviness, so it’s easy to move and has plenty of useful storage space underneath. The bed's wheels and light weight also make it easy to slide apart (not applicable for the 140 cm), so that you can clean properly under the bed.

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Box spring
Revive /Original / Tone / Criade / Kiruna
Width box spring (in cm)
140 / 160/ 180
Length box spring (in cm)
200 / 210
Heigth box spring
38 cm
Lying surfaces
1 lying surface / 2 lying surfaces
Bed base
Flat mesh base
Firmness mattress
Washable ticking
No / yes
Colour bed frame
Deep black
Fabric cover
Grid / Dark grey / +3 colours
Fabric headboard
Grid / Dark grey / +3 colours
Headboard height
108 cm
None / Pixel nightstand / Hocker round

More Auping box springs

Our collection consists of 4 box springs. The Original, Criade and Kiruna can be designed completely to your whishes. Choose the colour, fabrics and accessories you like. There are 2,8 billion configurations available in our dream bed configurator.

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