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Dreams come true on an Auping bed. Our collection consists of 4 box springs that you can put together exactly as you wish. Choose your favorite model, size, materials and colors and design the boxspring of your dreams yourself. Be inspired by our selection of the most popular compositions.

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Kiruna Pine green
Mattress: Unik mattress |
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Kiruna Warm grey
Mattress: Unik mattress |
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Be inspired by our box springs

Whatever your taste, you will always find a box spring from Auping that suits you. Go for a sleek look with steel frame or opt for luxurious and rich fabric finishes. Get inspired by one of our box springs or come try it out in one of our stores.

Award-winning design

Award-winning designs, handmade in Deventer. We make all our box springs to order, so you can put together your new box spring entirely as you wish. Choose your favorite model, decide on the color and accessories and finish it off with a matching cover. Have you chosen the bed of your dreams? We will deliver it free of charge to your home, right into your bedroom. We will assemble it right there for you, so you can enjoy your new Auping box spring straight away.

Buy a good box spring at Auping.

The luxurious Auping box springs consist of two or three layers: 

An upholstered box: the base, containing pocket springs for good support and a mesh base for good ventilation.
A box spring mattress with pocket springs: this is an upholstered mattress, for optimal support while you sleep. You can also put a white mattress on top of the box. 
A topper: a thin top mattress that determines comfort. If you choose a box spring mattress, you put a topper on top of the mattress. This determines the comfort feeling. For example, do you like to sink in a little deeper or do you prefer to lie a little firmer?

The upholstered layers make a box spring bed look nice and soft and comfortable. Because of the double layer of pocket springs (in both the box spring mattress and the box), a box spring often feels a little softer than a normal bed.

What should I look for when buying a box spring?

You need an average of 8 hours of sleep per night.And of course, you want to spend those hours on a bed where you can really unwind. What do you look for when buying a new box spring?

  • Your desired length and width
  • Your wishes for a flat or adjustable base
  • Your sleeping situation, e.g. alone or together
  • Your personal preferences in material and color

Single or double box spring

Our box springs are made in all common lengths and widths. The most common sizes are: box spring 120x200, box spring 140x200, box spring 160x200 and box spring 180x200. Besides double box springs, Auping also offers a choice of single box springs in various sizes.

A single box spring is available in widths of 80 cm, 90 cm, 100 cm or 120 cm. The double box springs have a length of 140 cm, 160 cm, 180 cm or 180 cm. All box springs have a length measurement of 200 cm, 210 cm or 220 cm. 

The Original box spring and Kiruna box spring are also available in a divisible version: a complete double box spring of which both parts can easily be moved apart and towards each other because the legs have castors. This makes it a lot easier to make your bed and keep your bedroom clean.

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