Circularity for dummies

Never lose sleep again worrying about difficult definitions.

Recycling, upcycling, downcycling and circularity. Many different definitions are being used when it comes to sustainable mattresses. So much that if you want to remember all of them, it could keep you up nights. Therefore a simple explanation of this matter.

Recycling is the umbrella that includes various forms of reuse. Upcycling is a form of recycling in which a high-quality material is made from low-grade material. Think of the plastic waste that sports brands use to manufacture sneakers or mattresses of which the cover is made of ocean plastic.

Downcycling is the form of recycling in which the material is used once or twice in a low-grade product. The foam from the comfort layer of mattresses is then reused to make a judo mat, underlay or sound insulation. It is positive that such a mattress does not end up directly in the garbage dump. However, after a new life as a mat, the ingredients of this mattress still end up in landfill. Such a shame.

Circularity is the highest form of recycling. All the materials in a product can then be reused endlessly. Time and time again they can be recycled at the same high-quality level. The loop is closed, no value is lost and there is no waste. That is circular. And that starts with the design of a product. And this is exactly what Auping does.

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