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Ventilation and support

Auping AVS® active ventilation and support

The quality of your sleep increases significantly when you can regularly and effortlessly turn over during the night because this stimulates blood circulation, ensures supple joints and lets your skin breathe.

It is important that your mattress provides you with the right kind of support, which is determined by your weight, height, sleeping position and the position of your spine. All Auping mattresses contain DPPS® springs in the ergonomic core, and are then further split up into different, even additional, zones.

The highest level of ventilation is just as important as support because this will keep your body at the right temperature so that you wake up feeling rested and refreshed.

Scroll down and discover what AVS® can do for you.


Open structure and perfect
base support

You turn on average 30 times per night in your sleep.


Perfect support and comfort zones

Auping 3D stitching

for optimum

ventilation and



Ventilation and extra soft comfort

Your body must be able to cool down so you can fall asleep.

3D Stitching for more ventilation and extra support.


Several comfort zones and perfect support while laying down and turning.


DPPS® pocket springs that adjust to the contours of your body.


The 80% open structure of the mesh base provides a fresh air supply.


More than 10,000 pressure points that support the body and divide the weight equally.


Auping springs and ventilating top layer ensure the perfect base.


Removable and washable cover for clean and fresh top mattress.


Core of ventilating materials such as latex


Top layer of Cirrus, a 100% moisture regulating material