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Duvet covers
Duvet cover Zaza Zoom Pastel

Duvet cover Zaza Zoom Pastel

This duvet cover is decidedly unique and colourful. The combination of blocks of colour against a white background means this duvet cover will work well in most bedrooms. The pattern is printed on 100% high-quality cotton satin, making it feel deliciously soft to the touch and adding a satiny sheen. A real must-have!

Experts say

Bedtextile helps you to influence the atmosphere and feeling of your bedroom.

Make your bed in layers. It looks nice and you determine your sleep temperature.

Tech specs

  • Quality:
    The duvet cover is made of very soft, high-quality 100% cotton satin. This adds an elegant sheen to the duvet cover making it feel deliciously soft and smooth to the touch. The duvet cover is printed in a special way, making it feel extra soft to the touch and ensuring that the colours are preserved after washing.
  • Washability:
    The duvet cover can be washed at maximum 60 degrees, can be tumble-dried and ironed. Tip: hang it up while it is still humid and you won't have to iron it.
  • Special features:
    Zaza Zoom Pastel has an extra long panel to tuck it in along the entire width of the duvet cover. The total length of this duvet cover is 260 cm, which is longer than customary. As a result, it can be used on any bed and the additional length means this duvet cover is perfectly suited for extra thick mattresses. The duvet cover is supplied with two matching pillowcases.
  • Sizes:
    140 x 200 /220 cm 200 x 200 /220 cm 240 x 200 /220 cm 260 x 200 /220 cm Kussensloop: 60x 70 cm