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Air Synthetic 4-season duvet

Air Synthetic 4-season duvet

This 4-season duvet is filled with synthetic hollow fibres and is a bit heavier than down. This duvet is suitable for all seasons.

  • Synthetic-fibre fibre
  • Heat classification 1
Suitable for every season. A correct body temperature of your body during the night is important for a good night's sleep. You don't want to be too cold or too warm in bed. The Auping Air Synthetic 4-season duvet consists of 2 parts that can be detached but can also be buttoned together easily. So you have a double duvet for winter. The duvet has block shaped stitching and single edging.


The comfort of synthetic. A synthetic duvet is a supple and evenly filled duvet, that can be washed easily. On top of that, synthetic Auping duvets are ideal for people with allergies: they are antibacterial, antifungal and anti-dust mite. The filling of the Auping Air Synthetic 4-season duvet consists of 100% synthetic hollow fibres.

Tech specs

  • Tijk: 100% zachte microvezel met Sanitized® finish

  • Filling: Synthetic hollow fibres