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Breeze Nature duvet

This single duvet is filled with Masurian goose down and is wonderfully light and airy. This duvet is ideal for our climate. The duvet has the Nomite label, which means it is suitable for people who have house dust mite allergies. 

  • Masurian goose down
  • Heat classification 2
  • Non-allergenic
Suited to our climate. A correct body temperature of your body during the night is important for a good night's sleep. You don't want to be cold in bed, but also not too warm. The Auping Breeze Nature duvet is attuned to our climate and will suit most people. The duvet has a double edging and comfort bands on the sides that ensure you're well covered.


The luxury of down. A down duvet is not only good at absorbing moisture, it also has greater elasticity and is light weight. The quality of the down is mainly determined by the filling capacity. The better the filling capacity, the more air the down can retain and therefore the better the insulation. Shake out the duvet and it is nice and airy again. The filling of the Auping Breeze Nature duvet consists of 100% Masurian goose down.

Tech specs

  • Cover: 100% cotton satin cover with soft finish and Nomite label

  • Filling: 100% white Masurian goose down