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Climat Synthetic duvet

Climat Synthetic duvet

Thanks to Thinsulate fibre this single duvet is very soft and offers the unique insulating warmth and comfort of down. This duvet is ideal for our climate. 

  • Synthetic-fibre fibre
  • Heat classification 2
Suited to our climate. A correct body temperature of your body during the night is important for a good night's sleep. You don't want to be cold in bed, but also not too warm. The Auping Climat Synthetic duvet is attuned to our climate and is for many people the best choice. The duvet has climate regulating zones after all. These zones ensure that the duvet regulates moisture and temperature optimally. Because of this, the duvet can be used throughout the entire year.


The comfort of synthetic. A synthetic duvet is a supple and evenly filled duvet, that can be washed easily. On top of that, synthetic Auping duvets are ideal for people with allergies: they are antibacterial, antifungal and anti-dust mite. The filling of the Auping Climat synthetic duvet consists of 100% of the insulating Thinsulate® fibres.

Tech specs

  • Cover: 100% cotton batiste with climate regulating zones

  • Filling: ThinsulateTM  3M  fibres