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Summer Air Cotton duvet

Summer Air Cotton duvet

This duvet is filled with cotton and is a real summer duvet. Also comfortable for the warm sleeper or on warm nights.

  • Cotton
  • Heat classification 4
Ready for summer. A correct body temperature of your body during the night is important for a good night's sleep. You don't want to be cold in bed, but not too warm either. The Auping Summer Air Cotton is a summer duvet that also offers optimal comfort during warm nights. The duvet has block shaped stitching and single edging.


The freshness of cotton. A cotton summer duvet is ideal for people who warm quickly. A cotton summer duvet is characterized by excellent moisture regulation, insulation and ventilation. It can also be washed easily. The filling of the Auping Summer Air Cotton duvet consists of 100% cotton.

Tech specs

  • Cover: 100% fine cotton

  • Filling:100% cotton