Frequently asked questions about recycled down

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Why use recycled down?

Recycled down contributes to Auping’s circular economy goal in which waste is a thing of the past and raw materials are reused as much as possible. Every year, millions of tonnes of textiles still end up in incinerators or landfills, including down duvets and pillows.   This is bad for the environment and a waste of raw materials. Down from old duvets can very easily be reused and the production process is even more sustainable than for new down duvets. 

Where does recycled down come from?

The recycled down that we use in the Auping duvets and pillows comes from high-quality down duvets and pillows, that people have thrown away. For example, when the ticking of the duvet is worn out or the consumer is no longer happy with the duvet. The down products are collected in collaboration with local thrift shops and national textile collection initiatives. Collectors first remove dirty and wet duvets and pillows from the arrivals. Unfortunately, these products cannot be recycled. The down duvets that meet the quality standards are then recycled.

How is down recycled?

The recycling process starts with a strict manual preselection on the arrival of the down duvets and pillows. The products are then cut open to remove the down. Down that is of low quality is immediately removed for processing into organic fertilisers for the agricultural and horticultural sectors. High-quality down is cleaned thoroughly in accordance with European standards and requirements. Finally, sorting machines and screen drums remove any remaining damaged elements from the down. At the end of the processing process, each batch of recycled down is inspected at an independent laboratory IDFL (International Down and Feather Testing Laboratory) for quality and cleanliness. 

How high is the quality of the recycled down?

The filling capacity of the recycled down in the Auping duvet and pillow collection is comparable to new down. At Auping, only the highest quality down is selected for recycling, which is a mix of white duck down and white goose down. Therefore recycled down in the Auping collection is guaranteed to be of the very highest quality and to offer optimal sleeping comfort. 

How hygienic is recycled down?

The recycled down in the Auping collection is at least as clean as new down. After all, like new down, recycled down is thoroughly cleaned, dried and sterilised in accordance with strict European standards (NEN-EN 12935:2001). The IDFL laboratory research shows that the recycled down used in the Auping collection is super clean and hypoallergenic, in accordance with the industrial standard.  And when it comes to hygiene, the recycled down in the Auping collection absolutely measures up to new down. 

What is the lifespan of recycled down? 

Like new down, the recycled down in the Auping collection easily lasts 8 to 10 years before any reduction in the filling capacity is noticeable. The recycled down in the Auping collection is carefully selected and cleaned, so it is virtually identical to new down.