Hotel Hirschgasse Heidelberg

Based in a small valley at the foot of the Heiligenberg, this hotel provides immediate access to the world-famous Philosophers’ Way. During a walk along this path, you will see lemon, cypress, and palm trees looking quite at home, thanks to the mild climate on this particular side of the hill.
The hotel has two restaurants: Le Gourmet, crowned with a Michelin star, and the historic Mensurstube, serving traditional German dishes.

It was within the walls of this historic building in Heidelberg that the statesman Otto von Bismarck once raised his sword as a student and that Mark Twain found his inspiration for the book A Tramp Abroad. The hotel restaurants in particular contain features reminding us of this remarkable accommodation’s royal history.
The hotel is close to Heidelberg’s historic centre, but far enough away to escape the bustle, guaranteeing you a wonderfully restful stay.

In selected guest rooms in the Hirschgasse, you will sleep on an Auping Criade box spring, just ask when you book.

Hotel Die Hirschgasse Heidelberg

Hirschgasse 3
69120 Heidelberg

+49 (0)6221 4540

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