Let your guests wake up well-rested with the best Auping sleeping comfort

At Auping, we have been working for more than 130 years on the best ways to rest. We want your guests to wake up well-rested and refreshed so that they can make the most of their day and fully enjoy what your hotel has to offer. Hotel guests find a good night's sleep increasingly important and explicitly consider this in their choice of hotel.

Auping in hotels

The Auping range is ideal for hotels, B&Bs and holiday parks. The interplay of bed, mattress and mesh base offers the right ventilation, comfort and support.

  • Auping mattresses are made of durable and ventilating materials and due to the unique asymmetrical structure, they do not need to be turned. Also handy for housekeeping.
  • The Auping mesh base has an 80% open structure for optimal ventilation and no less than 10,000 support points for even support.
  • The extensive portfolio of Auping beds and box springs consists of different designs, matching different interior styles. We find it important that our beds not only ensure a good night's sleep, but also that they look good.
  • With the Auping Revive, Auping also offers a bed that has been specially developed for the hospitality market. Read more about that here.

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First Night Effect

In our sleep we turn an average of 30 times a night, which is good for blood circulation and flexible joints.
The first time you sleep in a 'strange' bed, in a hotel bed for example, you often sleep a bit more restless; this is the so-called 'first night effect'.
That is why, not only at home but also in hotels, it is of great importance that a bed supports the body well and ventilates optimally so that every guest wakes up wonderfully rested the next day.

Design tailored to your hotel

Auping has excelled in design for decades. This results in contemporary, as well as timeless and high-quality designs. In the design we strive not only for the best sleeping comfort, but also the highest quality that is produced in a sustainable way. All our products and designs have a long lifespan and are produced in-house in Deventer, according to the highest quality standards.

Auping collection for hotels

Due to the huge amount of choice of bed models, box springs, colors and fabrics, there is always a combination that fits perfectly with your hotel rooms. If you want something a little different, then there are many options to perfectly match the Auping sleeping comfort to your hotel. More than 80 hotels, B&Bs and holiday parks have already chosen Auping.

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With the Auping Revive, Auping also offers a bed that has been specially developed for the hospitality market. Read more about that here.

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With Auping, in addition to the best sleeping comfort, you also opt for the best service. All our mattresses and beds are produced in Deventer (NL). In addition to the best quality, this also guarantees reliable and flexible delivery.

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