How to choose the right duvet?

Nothing is better than crawling under your soft duvet in the evening. Do you like to wrap yourself up as if you were in a cocoon, or do you just want a light duvet that just floats over you? Regardless of how you sleep, you don't want it to be too hot or too cold. That is why a good duvet is important. But how do you choose the right duvet?

There’s four things to keep in mind when choosing the duvet that’s just right for you:

  • Temperature: do you quickly get warm or cold in bed?
  • Personal preferences; airy down or an enclosed feeling?
  • Allergies: Are you allergic to dust mites?
  • Size: Which size do I need?

Sounds difficult? It’s really not. Let us walk you through it point-by-point.

Auping duvet covers

Heat classification of a duvet

Do you quickly get warm in bed and like to sleep in the thinnest possible nightwear, or are you someone who gets into bed wearing warm socks? The heat emitted by a duvet (referred to as ‘heat classification’) ranges from 1 (warmest) to 4 (coolest).

At Auping, we have summer duvets with warmth class 4 and all year duvets with warmth class 3. By connecting these two duvets with the special Auping Button Down System, you can easily create a 4-season duvet with warmth class 1.

To sum it up:

  • Heat class 1, our 4-season duvets: A really warm duvet. Ideal for cold bedrooms and for people who get cold rather quickly.
  • Heat class 3, our all year duvets: Suitable for spring and autumn and in heated bedrooms. Lovely duvets for when you are not particularly warm or cold at night.
  • Heat class 4, our summer duvets: Thin duvets suitable for warm summer nights or warm bedrooms.

Personal preferences

Of course, the material that’s best suited for you is also a matter of personal preference. The material we refer to as ‘Dow’ gives a light feeling and ensures a good sleeping climate in both summer and winter because it ventilates and insulates better than any other duvet filling. But you can also feel more comfortable under a heavier synthetic duvet.

At Auping, you can choose from 3 different fillings. These each have their own specific properties:

  • Down*: A down duvet gives a light feeling and ensures a good sleeping climate in both summer and winter. Moreover, down provides excellent isolation.
  • Synthetic: Synthetic duvets are filled with hollow fibres and microfibres and feel somewhat heavier than a down duvet. Perfect for providing that cocoon-y feeling. 
  • Bamboo: This light, supple and cool material is ideal for the summer or for those that get warm in bed quickly.


If you are suffering from house dust mite allergy or respiratory problems? Auping also has duvets that are just right for you. All our duvets are anti-allergenic. Our ‘Down’ duvets have a Nomite-label. This label indicates that the outside of the duvet is woven so tightly that no house dust mite can penetrate it.

If you like to wash your duvet regularly, choose a synthetic or bamboo duvet.

Which size do I need?

The length of your duvet depends on the length of your bed, but also on your own body length. Choose a duvet that is 20cm longer than your own length. This will prevent you from getting cold feet.

Note: all down products in the Auping assortment are certified in accordance with the Responsible Down Standard (RDS).

Shaking out your duvet daily and ventilating the bedroom for 1 to 2 hours a day keeps the duvet fresh and voluminous.

Geert Doorlag - Sleep expert Auping