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How to choose the right duvet?

To be able to sleep well and wake up feeling refreshed, the body must be at the right temperature during the night.

Not only the right mattress and frame are important, an adequately ventilating duvet also contributes to an adequate night's rest.

Good ventilation of both the mattress and the duvet result in a fresh and hygienic sleeping climate.

The best material choice for a duvet is personal. ‚Äč
Some people find a synthetic or woollen duvet more comfortable than down, for example when allergies are involved. But down also has many advantages. It is light and provides a good sleeping climate, both in the winter and in the summer, because it ventilates and insulates better than any other duvet filling. And since the desired warmth of the duvet is also personal, duvets are made in 4 warmth classes. These classes give you an indication of the warmth of a duvet when selecting one.

Shaking out your duvet daily and ventilating the bedroom for 1 to 2 hours a day keeps the duvet fresh and voluminous.

All Auping down duvets are manufactured in the Netherlands. They are produced by experienced professionals with a focus on the highest quality and perfect finishing. The ticking, the covering around the duvet filling, must be tight enough to hold the filling inside but must also breathe sufficiently. The ticking of an Auping down duvet is always tighter than the down itself yet allows a flow of air.

Duvets, and especially those filled with down, attract moisture. So, do not leave them to air outdoors for too long. The advantage of synthetic duvets is that you can clean them regularly yourself. When doing so, please follow the washing instructions on the product label.

An Auping duvet can last a long time, especially if you treat it with the necessary care.

Do you want to buy an Auping duvet? Be inspired and find information on our website. Look at all the models and options. All duvets have their own specific comfort features. So there is always an Auping duvet to match your needs.

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