How recyclable is your mattress?

About 1.5 million mattresses are discarded and thrown away in the Netherlands alone every year. It even jumps up to 35 million in Europe and 20 million in the United States. Many mattresses are burned or end up as landfill. At Auping, we want to do things differently. Better. We don’t want any more waste or incineration of used mattresses.

This is why Auping developed a circular mattress, in which the materials can be recycled continuously to make  a new mattress. But what about Auping's other mattresses? To provide more insight into this, we have developed our Auping mattresses with a 'recycling label'. This clarifies the extent to which a mattress is recyclable. Auping Evolve receives an A-label, because it is a fully circular mattress. The rest of the Auping mattresses receive a B label. Auping does not have mattresses with a C or D label, they are not or hardly recyclable.

The materials can be reused continuously to make new mattresses. That is circular.
Read more about the return flow of circular mattresses.

Okay to recycle
Don’t be ashamed. A big part of the materials is reused to make, for example, a judo mat or sound insulation. We call it downcycling.

Barely recyclable
The materials are ground down into granules that are burned in the incinerator. The heat released in this process is used to generate electricity.

The materials end up as landfill.