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Inizio mattress: the foundation of high Auping standards

Inizio, Latin for “beginning” says it all; this is Auping’s first mattress. It’s not just a mattress, it’s a true Auping mattress. All the major properties such as support, ventilation, comfort and feel comply with Auping’s high standards. These properties combined with competitive pricing ensure that opting for the very best in sleeping comfort is possible for everyone.

  • 3 comfort zones
  • Latex comfort layer

Available in several different sizes. Widths vary between 70 cm and 200 cm; lengths vary between 190 cm and 220 cm. The best-selling measurements are:


The Latex in the comfort layer is a major decisive factor in the comfort when lying down. Natural latex makes up 20% of this layer in the Auping Inizio, giving it a wonderful combination of resilience and softness.


The Inizio’s ergonomic core is asymmetrically assembled and divided into three different zones: firm zones for the hips, softer zones for the shoulders and legs.

Better Days app

Get the most out of your sleep

Get the most out of your sleep so that you wake up energised every day. The app has two parts.

  • Mattress advice helps you gain insight into what you like about a mattress and what is good for you.
  • The sleep coach lets you see how you’re sleeping and gives you tips about how to sleep better.
  • Height: 18 cm

  • Comfort zones: 3 comfort zones

  • Firmness: soft, medium, firm

  • Mattress cover: A removable, washable mattress cover is also available (additional cost of €100.00)
    Removable mattress cover: Knitted fabric: 35% viscose, 65% polyester, 10-mm polyether

  • Anti-allergy: The mattress cover does not contain wool, making it suitable for people with a wool allergy.

  • Comfort layer: Latex 

  • Ergonomic core: 3 Comfort zones, 12-cm high DPPS® pocket springs
    Two types of side strips for uniform firmness: 1 for soft/medium and 1 for firm

  • Lower layer: Open-structure foam with felt base in anthracite grey
    Underside: Perfect connection and attachment with AVS and mesh base. 

  • Warranty: 5 years
    90-day trade-in guarantee

Experience the Inizio for yourself

Even though you may already know what kind of mattress you would like to have, the physical experience can be something totally different. We will be happy to help you decide on the Auping mattress that suits you the best. Stop by one of our shops for professional, personalised sleep advice and try out the Inizio mattress for yourself.