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Mae Engelgeer kelim

The Dutch textile designer Mae Engelgeer designed this kelim specially for Auping.

The kelim features various colour planes. One skin-coloured plane, combined with a plane with a black pattern against a white background, and a plane with a white pattern against a black background. The kelim is trimmed with a black-and-blue fringe.

Experts say

"Auping beds, which are made of wood and steel, provide a perfect starting-point for my collection. Auping and I share a knack for design, an appreciation of quality and the desire to create an experience in expressing this in and around an Auping bed."

Mae Engelgeer
Dutch textile designer
Mae Engelgeer for Auping




Tech specs

  • Size:

    110 cm x 70 cm

  • Quality:

    80% wool, 20% cotton