Split mattress topper

Mattress topper 140x200

When you buy a box spring 140x200 cm with a box spring mattress, it is always combined with a 140x200 topper for the ultimate sleeping comfort. The box spring mattress provides good support, while the top mattress ensures that you lie down comfortably. 

Buy mattress topper 140x200 at Auping

Auping box springs consist of two or three layers. A mattress lies on the lower part of the box spring. On a box spring you can place a white mattress 140x200 or an upholstered box spring mattress. If you choose a box spring mattress, you place a top mattress on top of the mattress.    

For Auping's 140x200 box springs, you have a choice of several different mattress toppers in the 140x200 cm size. For each box spring there is a top mattress that suits you. For the Original and Criade box springs you can choose the Comfort Topper with a soft/medium firmness. The Prestige topper is the most luxurious mattress topper for the Original and Criade box springs. This top mattress is thick (10 cm), feels super soft and is known for its good resilience and moisture regulation. 

For the Kiruna box spring, The most luxurious box spring of Auping you have two different top mattresses to choose from. The Kiruna topper is available with a top in which pure wool or pure horsehair is incorporated. These natural materials provide a rich feeling and ensure good ventilation of the top mattress. 

Which 140x200 mattress topper is ideal for you depends on your body type and personal preferences. At Auping, we take a good look at whether a soft or firm topper suits you better, in combination with the matching mattress and pillow. Ask for advice in one of the Auping stores about the mattress topper that suits you best.

Mattress topper 140x200 for twijfelaar box spring 

A mattress topper 140x200 cm is perfectly suited for a twijfelaar box spring. A box spring with the dimensions 140x200 cm is a compact box spring: perfect for two people who like to sleep closely together in bed or alternatively for you alone if you like to have more space to yourself.

For a twijfelaar box spring you can choose between two 70x200 cm box spring mattresses or one 140x200 cm mattress. On both box spring mattresses you can place a 140x200 top mattress that ensures that you are lying comfortable.   

Turnover your 140x200 mattress topper? Not necessary

You do not need to turn either the Auping mattresses or the top mattresses. The toppers are constructed in such a way that they support your body just where it is required. All Auping mattresses and top mattresses have a fixing system. With buttons and loops, you can fasten the top mattress to the mattress, so that they can't shift from one another.  The 140x200 toppers have a removable cover that you can wash in the washing machine. This keeps the cover fresh and extends the lifespan of your mattress topper.