Split mattress topper

Mattress topper 160x200

Do you have a 160x200 box spring with box spring mattresses? In that case, you combine them with a 160x200 top mattress. The box spring mattresses give you the right support and the top mattress ensures that you are comfortable. All Auping mattress toppers are available in size 160x200 cm.

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A topper is a mattress that you put on your boxspring mattress. If you bought a double box spring, you can place white mattresses on the box or box spring mattresses. With a white mattress, a mattress topper is not necessary, but if you choose upholstered box spring mattresses, you always put a top mattress on top. The upholstered mattresses of a box spring provide support and comfort, but the 160x200 mattress topper that you place on top of the mattresses ensures that you lie down comfortably.

Do you sleep on a 160x200 box spring with box spring mattresses? Then pick a mattress topper at 160x200. You can choose from a wide range of top mattresses for each Auping box spring and in our mattress toppers we use natural materials. We have mattress toppers with natural latex, perforated latex, pure wool, cotton and pure horsehair. These materials are well known for their excellent moisture regulation.

All our mattresses and mattress toppers are provided with loops and buttons. Thanks to this fixation system, your top mattress does not slide off the mattress. You just tie them together. Another advantage of Auping mattress toppers is the removable cover. You can easily remove the cover from your top mattress and clean it in the washing machine. This keeps your mattress and mattress topper clean and makes it last longer.

Because we carefully build up our Auping mattress toppers with different layers, there is no need to turn them. Are you in search of a different topmattress size? Other common sizes for double mattress toppers are: for mattress topper 140x200 and mattress topper 180x200.

Split mattress topper 160x200 

Do you have an electrically adjustable double box spring with a size of 160x200 cm and two single mattresses? Then a split mattress topper with a size of 160x200 cm is suitable for your box spring. With a normal mattress topper, you cannot adjust the two halves of your bed separately. If you raise one head end and the other stays down, then your topper moves accordingly. With a split mattress topper, this does not happen and you can adjust the head ends of both bed halves separately. Is your partner already asleep but you still want to read in bed? Then you can raise the headboard without worrying about your partner's split mattress topper moving along.