Split mattress topper

Mattress topper 180x200

Have you chosen a box spring of 180x200 cm with box spring mattresses? Then you place a top mattress of 180x200 cm on top of the box spring. A topper provides an extra layer of comfort that will give you the rest you deserve. You will wake up rested, full of energy for a brand new day.

Buy mattress topper 180x200 at Auping 

If you buy a double box spring, you can choose between a box spring mattress and a white mattress. Auping's white mattresses are also suitable for box springs. You can choose from a single 180x200 mattress or two 90x200 mattresses. A mattress topper is not required on box springs with white mattresses.

You always put a top mattress on box spring mattresses. A box spring mattress is an upholstered mattress that you can have upholstered in the same colour as the box. The upholstered layers give a boxspring a soft and comfortable look.

A mattress topper of 180x200 on a box spring mattress ensures that you lie comfortably. The mattress determines the support and the top mattress ensures the lying comfort. Also very convenient: there is no need to turn an Auping mattress topper. Our top mattresses are made of high-quality materials so that you don't have to turn and rotate the topper. Thanks to the fixation system you can tie the 180x200 top mattress to the box spring mattress with loops and knots. As a result, both remain neatly in place.

Various mattress toppers 180x200

The 180x200 mattress topper that is suitable for you is dependent on your body type and personal preferences. At Auping, we take a close look at the top mattress that suits you best, in combination with the appropriate mattress and pillow. For all Auping box springs 180x200, you have a choice of several top mattresses. The mattress topper Prestige is the most luxurious topper for the box springs Original and Criade. This top mattress is known for its superior resilience and optimum moisture regulation. You can choose from a comfort layer of Latex Pura or Visco. A Latex mattress topper is more resilient and a Visco mattress topper gives you a stable feeling when lying down. Visco is a high-quality elastic foam that moulds itself completely to your body.

The luxurious Kiruna topper features a core of high-quality Latex Pura. The top of this topper consists of a woven damask, covered with cotton and pure horsehair or pure wool. The Kiruna top mattress with horsehair is a mere 11 cm thick and the pure horsehair ensures good moisture absorption and ventilation.

Top mattress 180x200 for box spring

A top mattress provides extra comfort in the first place, but there are many more reasons to buy a top mattress. You can simply unzip the cover and wash it. This keeps your topper and underlying mattress nice and clean. Which is very hygienic.

Do you have a 180x200 box spring with two single mattresses and electrically adjustable bed bases? Then you will need a split mattress topper. This top mattress is available in 180x200 cm and can be placed on both mattresses. Thanks to the gap in the top half, both bed bases can be adjusted separately. For example, you can raise your head end while your partner lies down stretched out in bed, without the topper being moved.