Split mattress topper

Split mattress topper

Do you have an electrically adjustable box spring with two single mattresses? By placing a split mattress topper on the mattresses, you can adjust the bed bases separately. This allows one person to read in bed while the other goes to sleep and ensuring both have the most comfortable position.

Buy split mattress topper at Auping

A split mattress topper is suited to electrically adjustable box springs. The bed bases and box of these box springs are electrically adjustable. Depending on the Auping Smart Base bed base you choose, you can adjust the box spring for one, two or three zones. The bed bases accommodate two white single mattresses or two box spring mattresses. If you opt for box spring mattresses, you place a top mattress on top. The box spring mattresses determine the degree of support and the top mattress ensures that you lie down comfortably. With a normal top mattress, you cannot adjust the bed bases independently of each other. This is inconvenient, because if your bed partner raises the head end and you want to lie down, the topper will move or pull itself up.

The split mattress topper is the solution for adjusting both parts of the bed individually. The lower half of a split mattress topper consists of one whole section and the upper half consists of two separate sections, allowing both to move independently of each other when adjusting the bed.

Various sizes of split mattress toppers

Auping split mattress toppers are available in all sizes. At Auping, you have a choice of different mattress toppres. Are you looking for a split mattress topper that ensures you can lie down extra softly? The Topper Deluxe consists of high-quality perforated latex that was specially developed for Auping. The cover consists of a knitted layer of Tencel®; a type of viscose made from eucalyptus wood which is 100% natural and sustainable. This top mattress is suitable for the box springs Original and Criade and is also available as a split mattress topper. The most luxurious split mattress topper for the Original and Criade box spring is the Prestige topper, for which you can choose from different materials that provide a different experience in comfort. The top and bottom layer remain the same and ensure optimal resilience and moisture regulation. Topper Prestige Rich gives a softer feeling when lying down, whereas Prestige Natural is a firmer top mattress. For the Kiruna box spring, you have a choice of two different split mattress toppers: with wool or with horsehair. The Kiruna topper with wool feels wonderfully soft and ventilates the topper optimally. The topper with cotton and pure horsehair is extra thick (11 cm in height) and ensures good moisture regulation.

Split mattress toppers in all sizes 

Whichever size double box spring you have, at Auping you will always find a split mattress topper that fits your electrically adjustable box spring. The most common sizes for a split mattress toppers are:140x200 cm, 160x200 cm or 180x200 cm mattress topper. If you have an extra wide (up to 200 cm) or a long box spring (up to 220 cm), you can also order a suitable split mattress topper from Auping.