Circular mattresses

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Auping Elite

Auping Elite Mattress

  • Bodytype (12 variants)
  • Ultimate comfort
  • Optimal ventilation

Auping Evolve Mattress

  • Bodytype (12 variants)
  • Optimal ventilation
  • Flexible and resilient
Auping Elysium

Auping Elysium Mattress

  • Bodytype (12 variants)
  • Wonderfully soft
  • Optimal ventilation

Auping Evolve: the first circular mattress in the world

Approximately 35 million mattresses are discarded and disposed of in Europe alone every year. Many mattresses end up in the incinerator or in landfill. With enormous environmental problems as a result. At Auping, we want to do things differently. Better. We want to eliminate waste and stop the incineration of used mattresses and the loss of all kinds of valuable raw materials. That is why, together with DSM-Niaga, we developed the world's first circular mattress: Auping Evolve. The materials in this mattress can be recycled again and again to make new mattresses.

Besides being good for the environment, this circular mattress is also good for your night's rest. The zoning has been improved and it is the best ventilating mattress in our assortment. With Auping Evolve, your body gets the optimal support from an ergonomic body posture.

To have a meaningful impact, we want as many people as possible to be able to sleep comfortable on our circular mattress. That's why we have expanded the Auping Evolve assortment with two new variants. These mattresses have a different kind of zoning, so each variant offers a different level of support. This allows everyone to choose a circular mattress that suits his or her body perfectly. 


Circular mattresses

This is Auping Evolve, the first completely circular mattress in the world. Made with love and consideration for the planet. This mattress was also made with you in mind. For your body. Because Auping Evolve is available in three different variants, each with a different zoning. Because each body is different, so you need different support.

Recycling label A for the Auping Evolve mattress

Many mattresses are burned or end up in landfills. That is a terrible shame. To provide more insight into mattress recycling and the extent to which mattresses can be recycled, Auping has developed a 'recycling label'.

Read more about our 'recycling label' and how Auping recycles mattresses.