Auping Inizio mattress

Auping Inizio mattress

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Auping Inizio

If you are looking for Auping quality at an affordable price, Inizio is the ideal option. Enjoy better, super comfortable sleep on a ventilated mattress with three zones that can be used on any bed base.

  • Our most ventilating mattress according to the Dutch Consumers Association
  • Auping Inizio has recycle...

If you are looking for Auping quality at an affordable price, Inizio is the ideal option. Enjoy better, super comfortable sleep on a ventilated mattress with three zones that can be used on any bed base.

  • Our most ventilating mattress according to the Dutch Consumers Association
  • Auping Inizio has recycle label B
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Good support

The Inizio mattress has 3 zones, each of which supports a specific body part: shoulders, hips, and legs.  You may not be aware of it, but during the night, you turn over about 30 times. The DPPS® pocket springs at the heart of the mattress ensure you can turn over effortlessly and give you just the support you need in every sleeping position. All Auping mattresses are built up layer by layer, all in the right place. Each layer has its own specific effect, which ensures the best support.

The materials in an Auping mattress are of such high quality that turning your mattress is not necessary. In fact, if you turn an Auping mattress, the supporting zones are no longer in the right position. Your shoulders and head need a completely different type of support than your legs.


Mattress Dimensions

It is wise to choose a mattress that is 20-30 cm longer than your own height. This ensures that the zones are in the right place. All our mattresses are available in the lengths: 190, 200, 210, or 220 cm. Do you and your bed partner differ in height? Then choose a mattress length that is approx. 20-30 cm longer than the tallest of the two of you. 

The most selected widths for our mattresses:
Single: 80 & 90 cm
Double: 160 & 180 cm 
Small double: 120 & 140 cm

Do you have an existing bed or box spring? If you have an existing bed or box spring, it is important that your new mattress fits. This is why it is useful to measure your current mattress. This way, you can be sure that your new mattress fits on your existing bed or box spring.


Comfort for great sleep

A comfort layer is a layer in the mattress that provides comfort, so you sleep comfortably.
The Inizio mattress is equipped with a latex comfort layer, which provides a pleasant combination of resilience and softness. This latex comfort layer is ideal for people who are not particularly hot or cold in bed at night.

Suits any bed base

An Auping mattress is suitable for any bed base, whether this is a slatted base, bed base, or a box spring. Want to get the most out of your Auping mattress? Then choose a ventilating Auping mesh base in combination with a bed or box spring.

The 80% open structure of the Auping mesh base ensures that the mattress is well ventilated. Good ventilation is very important and ensures that your mattress stays in top condition longer. 


Suitable firmness for your body and weight

An Auping mattress is available in four different firmnesses. Depending on your weight and height combined with your preference, you can choose a optimum firmness. The four different firmnesses for an Auping mattress are:

  • Soft
  • Medium
  • Firm
  • Extra firm

You can determine your recommended firmness using the graph. Or use our online mattress advisor. You can determine your ideal mattress based on your body’s characteristics.


Why choose an Auping mattress?

240 million minutes are spent every night on Auping mattresses. This is a huge responsibility that calls for high-quality products that are manufactured with care. This is why all of our mattresses are manufactured in our own factory in the Netherlands (Deventer). At Auping, you can be sure that Auping mattresses have been manufactured by professionals in the Netherlands.

Has the Inizio mattress convinced you?
Find the nearest sales point below. 
The Auping staff will advise you on which mattress suits you the most.
Together, you make an appointment for the Inizio to be delivered to your home.

Make sure you have a good mattress

A mattress tailored to your body is important to prevent a bad night’s sleep. With an Auping mattress and some good advice, you can be sure that your mattress is tailored to your body’s needs  and you increase the chance of a good night’s sleep.

Do you sleep poorly at night? In the short term, poor sleep increases the risk of flu and injury, poorer physical performance, and reduced concentration. In the longer term , a poor night’s sleep increases the risk of cardiovascular disease, depression, and weight gain.

This is why a good night’s sleep is so very important. If you are well rested, you notice it in everything: you are relaxed, energetic, alert, and friendly.

Get advice on a good night’s sleep in one of our our stores or take a look at our advice on how to sleep better.


Inizio mattress technical specifications

18 cm.
5-year product guarantee
Number of comfort zones
Maximum load
140 kg.
Mattress firmness
Soft, Medium, Firm or Extra firm. 
Suitable for adjustable bases
Very good; for the best ventilation combine an Auping mattress with a Auping mesh base
Zippered removable layer (the cover)
optionally available
190, 200, 210 or 220 cm.
70, 80, 90, 100, 120, 140, 160, 180 or 200 cm.
3 zones with 12-cm high DPPS pocket springs.
Latex .
Bottom layer
Ventilating, perforated polyester underlayer.
Anthracite felt base that fits perfectly on the ventilating Auping mesh base

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