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New fabrics

Molly fabric
One of these new fabrics is the Molly series. This fabric is made entirely of sheep’s wool from Norway and New Zealand. Our textile supplier, Kvadrat, has been able to create dye-free blends using beige-brown wool, giving this particular fabric shades of natural warm grey, ecru and brown. These are therefore the natural colours of the sheep. There are 6 different colours in the collection. For Molly, no chemical process or synthetic additives whatsoever are involved in production.

Points fabric
Points is another fabric collection to be created using a very special method. These fabrics are made from recycled thread. Used clothing, textiles and offcuts are collected and sorted according to colour. These textiles are shredded and woven into new materials. These fabrics are made from their original colours, which means that no further dying is necessary. There are 7 different colours in the Points collection.  

The fabrics Molly and Points are made of a single material. This means there is no mix of natural and chemical materials. Furthermore, no chemical processes are used in production. This means that Molly and Points are easy to recycle when they reach the end of their useful lives.