30 April 2020

Auping launches the first circular mattress in the world for consumers

On 1 May Auping is launching the first fully circular mattress for consumers: Auping Evolve. This circular mattress is the solution for the enormous pile of mattress waste.

About 1.5 million mattresses are discarded in the Netherlands alone every year. Auping Evolve is a mattress made of steel and polyester only. All materials can be recycled into a new mattress over and over again. With the launch of this new mattress, Auping, the bed and mattress manufacturer from Deventer, is closing the loop and contributing to a world where nothing is wasted, and everything is reused for the next generation. 

Many mattresses are burned or end up in landfill. In fact, 35 million mattresses are thrown away in Europe every year. Due to the complex composition of glued materials, these mattresses are one of the largest contributors to household landfill waste worldwide. Recycling solutions do exist, for example turning old mattresses into carpet underlay or sound insulation. However, after this, they still end up as waste in landfill or incineration.    

Recycle time and again

Auping Evolve, which was developed in collaboration with DSM-Niaga, is made of innovative circular materials: steel and ventilating, soft polyester. The components of Auping Evolve can easily be decoupled, thanks to the Niaga® Technology. Now the materials can be recycled at the same high-quality level time and again. Moreover, it is a soft mattress that provides support and good ventilation: all the ingredients for a good night’s sleep.

Honest and transparent

Auping believes it is important to manufacture as locally as possible and to communicate transparently about where all the materials come from. That’s why, together with DSM-Niaga, the company developed the very first ‘Product passport’, a label that provides an insight into the circular chain of the product. By scanning the Niaga® label on the side of the mattress with your smartphone, you can discover exactly what Auping Evolve is made is of,  where the materials come from and how you can recycle the mattress. 

World’s first circular mattress

Auping is the first manufacturer in the world to launch a fully circular mattress. The Deventer company has been active for years with the recycling of mattresses – and for example introduced the Auping Take Back System in 2011; with the purchase of a new mattress, the old mattress is collected for disassembly and recycling. Old springs have been melted into steel for reuse, while latex and polyester have been processed into carpet underlay and judo mats. With Auping Evolve, Auping goes a step further: each used mattress becomes a new mattress. The loop is closed. 

And thanks to its innovative design, Auping Evolve was recently awarded a Red Dot Design Award 2020 in the category Product Design.