8 June 2020

Auping launches ‘The story of 1.5 million mattresses’

Four hundred discarded mattresses play a starring role in the awareness campaign

On the 8th of June, Auping launches a striking campaign to raise awareness of the enormous issue of waste caused by discarded mattresses. Every year, 1.5 million mattresses are discarded in the Netherlands alone. Many of these mattresses ended up in landfill or are incinerated, causing enormous harm to the environment. The campaign ‘The story of 1.5 million mattresses' makes consumers aware of this problem and challenges them to consider the environmental impact when buying a mattress. The campaign features an online video, a TV commercial and a website, which explain all details of this important topic.

Life story of discarded mattresses

In the video, a stop-motion film, the problem - discarded mattresses - is used as a canvas for the story. Almost four hundred old mattresses were hand-painted using the same special water-based lacquer. Auping also uses in its factory. In the film, each painted mattress shows a part of the life story of a mattress. The film tells a recognizable tale as it captures moments in the life of a family from their bed: celebrating love, comforting children, breakfast in bed that causes a coffee stain on a mattress. The message: it is to be expected that a mattress will get replaced at some point, but we need to think about the environment when choosing a new one.

Circular mattress Evolve

Auping has been concerned with the mattress problem for some time now. This awareness campaign is part of the Deventer’ company’s sustainable vision. In fact, it is Auping’s ambition to be fully circular by 2030. Last May, Auping launched “Evolve”, the world’s very first circular mattress for consumers. All materials in this mattress can be recycled into a new mattress over and over again. We are closing the loop. In the campaign ‘The story of 1.5 million mattresses’, Auping shows the extent of the problem and also hopes to encourage other manufacturers to produce circular mattresses.

Client: Royal Auping
Concept: Buutvrij for Life
Production: Shop-Around
Illustration: Van Data
Animation: Ka-ching
Photography: Twentyten
Making of: Nozem Films
Music: Bart van der Elst