10 January 2020 , Marije Elshof

Auping presents its circular mattress to consumers at IMM 2020

“Circularity Passport” provides complete transparency into the origins of materials

In January, Royal Auping will present the first entirely circular mattress to consumers at the IMM in Cologne – and will then be launching this in spring 2020. The circular mattress is the solution for the problematic and growing pile of mattress waste. Auping dreams of a world in which nothing is wasted and in which everything is recycled for the next generation. This bed and mattress manufacturer from Deventer is therefore working towards a world without waste. The international interiors trade show IMM in Cologne runs from 13 to 19 January. 

Recycling loop
About 35 million mattresses are thrown away in Europe every year. Old mattresses are one of the largest contributors to landfill waste worldwide due to the complex composition of glued materials. Recycling solutions do exist, however, having been reused as, for example, carpet underlay or sound insultation, the material still ends up as landfill. Auping wants to do things differently and to close the recycling loop. 
Evolve The Auping circular mattress, developed for consumers together with DSM-Niaga, has been named Auping Evolve. The mattress contains neither foam nor glue, but instead innovative alternatives made of ventilating, soft and recyclable polyester. The ingredients can be recycled to the same high-quality level time and again. So, the mattress is not only good for the environment, it is also really good for a great night’s sleep. 

Honest and transparent
Auping believes it is important to manufacture as locally as possible and to know exactly where all the components come from. That’s why, together with DSM-Niaga, the company 
developed the very first “Circularity Passport”, providing an insight into the circular chain and the product lifecycle. By scanning the Niaga label on the side of the mattress you can discover precisely what Auping Evolve is made from.

Of course, besides Evolve, Auping also showcased other classic designs at the IMM - such as the Essential – the world’s very first completely recyclable bed - and the Auronde, a wooden bed with characteristic aluminium details. Auronde was first designed by Frans de la Haye in 1973. Its rounded shapes and strong colours were revolutionary back then. Once again, this can be customised to every individual style thanks to new materials and details. In doing so, you get the familiar model from the past, with a modern-day look.

As you might expect, the Auping booth at the IMM is also sustainable, in line with the company’s DNA: the wooden floor is reused, the canvas walls are turned into bags after the show, the furniture is made of recycled plastic bottles and recycled high-quality steel, and the catering is local and vegetarian. 

IMM Cologne 13 - 19 January 2020

Messeplatz 1, 50679,  Cologne

Auping stand: Hall 9.1, stand number A.022

Circularity for dummies

Never lose sleep again worrying about difficult definitions.

Recycling, upcycling, downcycling and circularity. Many different definitions are being used when it comes to sustainable mattresses. So much that if you want to remember all of them, it could keep you up nights. Therefore a simple explanation of this matter.