13 January 2019

Auping presents Smart Bedroom at IMM 2019

This year, Koninklijke Auping is presenting the Smart Bedroom at IMM in Cologne. Fancy falling asleep with a ‘sleep robot’ and waking up with the bed rising automatically or with a cup of coffee, freshly brewed by the coffee machine? At the trade fair, the bed and mattress manufacturer from Deventer is showcasing how it continually develops solutions for a good night’s sleep. Moreover, its many sustainable sleep solutions are a testament to the company’s ‘green DNA’. From 14 to 20 January 2019, the international home interiors trade show IMM is displaying the latest trends in furniture and interior design.

The Auping Smart Bedroom Experience

Technology can make life a lot easier. During IMM, Auping is showcasing the Smart Bedroom (hall 9.1), which includes the latest technological developments for automated morning and evening rituals. An example? You can set a time to automatically close the curtains and switch off the lights at night. Or you can choose specific lighting and music to wake up to, creating a pleasant atmosphere. During the day, you can have your room vacuumed automatically and the air purified as soon as you leave your bedroom.

Auping will also be displaying its products inside the Smart Home (hall 4.1), a house equipped with all the latest developments by brands like Tesla, Nolte and Philips. Auping sets up the bedroom with sleep tech, thus proving that a smart bedroom contributes to a good night’s sleep and an energetic start of the day.

Circular economy

Auping believes in the power of the circular economy, where waste is limited, and products and raw materials are reused as much as possible. As a family business based in Deventer, Koninklijke Auping has been working on the best ways to guarantee a good night’s sleep for over 130 years. Every bed and mattress is future-proof and crafted with great attention to detail and the environment. With that ambition in mind, Auping innovates and strives for circular business processes, products and services. In fact, Auping is presenting its first circular mattress, Auping Revive, at IMM.

Auping mattress advice in 3 steps

Auping believes that everyone should have their own customised mattress. With just three steps, Auping mattress advice determines the right mattress for you with some help from the Auping Support Scan and the Auping advisers, certified by Fysius Rugexperts (back experts). Try the innovative measurement mattress during IMM. The scan uses sensors to objectively measure which mattress is best suited to your body. The screen displays a ‘print’ of your body to show your Auping adviser the support that you need.


Needless to say, IMM will also be featuring the Auping design classics, including Auronde, made of wood with signature aluminium details. Auronde was first designed by Frans de la Haye in 1973 and its rounded shapes and bright colours were revolutionary back then. And now it’s leading another revolution: by customising the details to your wishes, you get the familiar model from the past, with a modern-day look. You can admire Auronde and other design classics, like the Criade Boxspring and the 100% recyclable Auping Essential - at IMM 2019.

Monday 14 till Sunday january 20th 2019

Messeplatz 1, 50679, Cologne

Auping: Hall 9, Aisle A, Nr. 022