10 October 2021

Circularity Day 2021 at Royal Auping

Raw material suppliers for circular mattresses and Auping strengthen partnership.

Auping Evolve has been available since March 2020 and the enthusiasm for this circular mattress among our dealers and consumers has grown considerably since then. Now it is time to take the next step. That is why the suppliers of raw materials for our circular mattresses came together in Deventer last week.

During this 'Circularity Day' we discussed the sustainability ambitions of Auping and the future plans for our mattress range. Developments in the field of recycling materials, return flows and closing the loop were also discussed. Finally, we considered the role of everyone in the value chain. We want to get rid of the take-make-waste society. And we want to make progress in our transition towards a fully circular product assortment where there is no more waste, and where all materials used are raw material for a new mattress again. So we really need each other.

We are grateful and proud to work with AGRO International, Coats Opti, Covestro-Niaga®, EE Labels, Enkev, Innofa, Müller Textil, TWE and Vebe. Because with such reliable partners it is nice to pioneer in the mattress industry. We look forward to continuing our collaboration.