Auping Stores

Auping Nights, Better Days; an energetic day starts with a good night's sleep. This good night's sleep starts with good advice.
Choosing the right bed or the right mattress is hard. It is not something you do every day. Fortunately, the Auping advisers do. They help you with the best sleeping advice for your ideal night's rest.

Why choose an Auping Store?

  • You always get the best advice:​
    Auping knows that good advice is paramount. That is why we invest in training our advisers. Our sleep advisers have only one goal: to make sure you get the night's rest you deserve!
  • The complete Auping range under one roof
    Auping Store displays our full range of products: from beds and box springs to pillows, duvets and bed linen. We always have the best solution for you at hand.
  • Varied testing options
    Auping Store gives you the opportunity to test our full range of mattresses, beds and box springs in a relaxed manner, no strings attached. Pillows and duvets can also be put to the test.    
  • Quick delivery times​
    Thanks to the production in the Netherlands, delivery times are short. In consultation, quick at home.

Make an appointment
For advice you can just drop by one of our shops, but it is recommended to make an appointment. Good advice takes quite some time, on average it will take about one hour and a half. This time investment is certainly worth your while, because finding a mattress or bed/box spring that is a perfect match will definitely pay off for years to come.

When you make an appointment, you know for sure that the adviser has the time to help you in all tranquillity, without needing to rush.

Be prepared
"Being prepared is essential". This also applies when choosing a new bed that is right for you. In order to give adequate advice, it is important to know what kind of mattress you sleep on, the size of your current bed, etc.