Initial installation of Auping Connect

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Connect Auping Connect in a few simple steps

Step 1: Connect the power cord to Auping Connect and plug the adapter into a power outlet. 
With a Royal bed, you connect the supplied blue cable per adjustable base to the control box under your bed. Connect it to port 1 (bottom left) and port 2 (bottom right) on the Auping Connect hub.  Make sure that the adjustable bases are also connected to the mains and that they work using the supplied remote controls.

Step 2: Connect your phone to the Wifi network on which you want to use Auping Connect.

Step 3: Download the Auping Connect app from the App Store (iOS) or Google Play store (Android). Open the app by tapping the app’s icon and follow the instructions in the app.

Setting up the Auping Connect app.

1. Open the app and tap ‘start installation’.
If this is the 2nd phone you want to set up, do not perform a new installation; instead, follow the instructions via this link: Using Auping Connect on multiple devices

2. Select your bed type. 
A Royal bed has a blue cable to connect the Connect hub to your bed. The other beds are wireless.

3. Make sure you are connected to the Wifi network on which you want to use the app.
This should be a 2.4 GHz network (and not a 5 GHz network). If the App does not find a network or gives an {[SSID]} error message, the Connect hub cannot find the network and the installation cannot be completed. This may depend on the strength of the network, the router’s settings, or the provider’s settings. If you need help connecting the Connect hub or if you get an error message, check out this link:  Solving problems with your Wifi network. 

4. Pair your phone using Auping Connect.
Exit the app and go to your phone’s settings and select Wifi settings. Select Auping Connect from the list of Wifi networks. If Connect does not appear after a while, hold down the reset button on the Connect hub for 2 seconds. Then refresh the list of Wifi networks on your phone. Select Auping Connect from the list of networks and return to the Connect app.

5. Then set your WiFi network in the app and press continue.

6. Auping Connect installation is now complete.
You can now start setting up your bed. You can always change this afterwards without having to reinstall Connect.

7. To set up your bed, you need the supplied remote control.
Follow the instructions in the app. Make sure you use the correct remote control for the correct bedside (left or right).
The app sometimes takes a while to connect to the remote control.

8. Your bed is now linked to the app.
You can always change the settings via the settings menu.
A pop-up window may now appear with an update for the Connect app. We recommend that you install this update as it will ensure that your Connect uses the latest enhancements.

9. You can now use the Connect app.
Depending on how many and what kind of Smart bases you have installed, your app will now look like this: