Frequently asked questions about Auping duvets, pillows and bed linen


Auping duvets

How long will my Auping duvet last?

An Auping duvet that is well taken care of will last 8 to 10 years.

What is the best way to keep my Auping duvet in good condition?

Regularly fluffing and airing out your duvet is usually enough to keep it in good condition. If it is absolutely necessary to wash your Auping duvet, we recommend you bring it to a professional cleaner.

We advise machine washing your duvet only when absolutely necessary. Machine washing can cause damage to the fabrics and filling of your Auping duvet. For instructions, look for the care label located on the side of your Auping mattress.

General instructions:

  • Carefully follow the instructions on the care label
  • Use a program at 30℃
  • Use a gentle laundry detergent to prevent damage
  • Tumble dry your duvet twice in a row to prevent mold
  • Never leave your duvet outside to dry

Which Auping duvet has the right warmth class for me?

Auping duvets are available in three warmth classes:

  • Warmth class 1: 4-seasons duvets
  • Warmth class 3: Spring/fall duvets
  • Warmth class 4: Summer duvets

The right warmth class for your duvet depends on your personal preferences. Please see here for more info.

Auping pillows

How long will my Auping pillow last?

An Auping pillow that is well taken care of can last 3 to 5 years.

How do I keep my Auping pillow in good shape?

Under normal conditions, it is sufficient to regularly air out your pillow. Opening your bedroom window every day for at least half an hour is usually enough. Avoid exposing your pillow to direct sunlight. We recommend using a pillow protector to extend the lifespan of your pillow.

Washing instructions for your Auping pillow

It’s ok to wash your Auping down or synthetic pillow, but do this only when strictly necessary. Machine washing a down or synthetic pillow can cause damage to the fabric or the filling.

Do you have a latex pillow like Auping Cloud? Remember to always remove the filling from the pillow before washing, as latex isn’t machine washable.

General instructions:

  • Carefully follow the instructions on the care label
  • Use a program between 30°C and 60°C
  • Use a gentle soap without additives. For down pillows, use a down laundry soap
  • Use the maximum spin speed
  • Add an extra rinse cycle to remove all the soap
  • Do not use a fabric softener
  • Tumble dry to prevent mold
  • Never leave outside to dry

Tip: If possible, try washing two pillows at the same time to keep your machine stable. When tumble drying, add two tennis balls to the dryer together with the pillows to speed up the drying.

What is the Auping Button-down System? And how does it work?

The Auping Button-Down System is a convenient way to prevent your duvet from balling up inside its duvet cover. Simply tie your Auping duvet to your Auping duvet cover by following these easy steps:

  1. Place the buttons included with your Auping duvet inside the buttonholes that you’ll find on each corner of your duvet
  2. Put your duvet in the duvet cover
  3. Locate the small loops inside your Auping duvet cover
  4. Slide each loop over its corresponding button

And that’s it. No more early morning work-outs for you, wrestling with a duvet that is annoyingly out of place.

Bonus tip: We recommend washing your bed linen weekly, and your mattress protectors at least once a month. Always follow the washing instructions on the care label.