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100% responsible down

RDS: Responsible Down Standard

This product is certified to the Responsible Down Standard and thus contributes to the welfare of ducks and geese. This means they live a healthy life, free of pain, anxiety or stress. In order to guarantee this, the entire chain, from farm to finished product, is checked and approved by Control Union. 

What does responsible down mean?

  • Contains no down from force-fed animals
  • Animal welfare is guaranteed from farm to finished product
  • Contains only 100% responsible and certified down
  • This is identifiable at all times by means of the R.D.S. logo
  • Checked by a professional, independent institution
  • Contains no down obtained through the plucking of live animals

What is RDS?

The RDS is an independent, voluntary, global down standard that places a great deal of emphasis on animal welfare. The standard is owned by the Textile Exchange and certified by a third party, Control Union. RDS was developed over a period of three years and reviewed with the support of animal welfare groups, industry experts, brands and retailers. The standard recognises "best practice" (the best methods/processes) in the field of animal welfare, and excludes companies that violate the welfare of the animals.

The down in our products is carefully selected in order to ensure that it comes from suppliers that meet the high standards required to ensure animal welfare. This is guaranteed by the RDS certification, which makes tracing possible. This means the products can be accurately labelled, allowing consumers to make informed and educated choices.