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Air Latex pillow

Air Latex pillow

This preformed pillow is filled with Latex and has ventilation channels. The Air Latex pillow is ideal for people who want a pillow that offers maximum support and always retains its shape.

  • Latext filling
  • Shaped to the body


The comfort of latex

A latex pillow always retains its shape and therefore offers maximum support. Latex ensures that pressures are uniformly distributed, which means you rest even more comfortably. The filling of the Auping Air Latex pillow consists of 50% natural latex and  50% synthetic latex. The latex is perforated so it will ventilate even better. This will keep the pillow pleasantly dry all night.

Tech specs

  • Size: 40 x 50

  • Firmnesses:​ 

  • Edge of ventilating 3D-material: 100% polyester

  • Outside cover: 35% bamboo / 65% polyester

  • Filling: Latex