Auping makes a design statement with young creative talent at Please, Have a Seat of Biennale Interieur

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Auping x Sep Verboom x Margaux Baert

At Please, Have a Seat Auping shows the evolution of the day bed. Design lovers will have the honor to discover Auping's first sofa bed from the fifties, the renowned Cleopatra. You will also find the Noa day bed, the newest bed by Auping inspired by the elegant look of the 'Cleo'. To honour Auping’s design history, we challenge local young design talent Margaux Baert and Sep Verboom to create an artistic installation on the Cleopatra’s frame about their sustainable dream world. You can discover the result between 15 October and 14 November in Courtrai.

Auping Cleopatra daybed

From Cleo to Noa

From 1954 to the early 1980s, more than 800.000 Cleopatras are bought, a big success for Auping. Created by the Dutch A.R. (Dick) Cordemijer, the bed brand ventures onto the path of industrial design with the Cleopatra for the first time: a beautiful, practical and good design. The sofa bed fits perfectly into the new post-war houses and flats and is easy to move around the house. The 'Cleo' is no longer produced today, but it remains a popular item on vintage platforms.

Noa daybed from Auping

With Noa, Danish designer Eva Harlou pays tribute to the Cleopatra. Inspired by the sleek lines of the sofa bed and tailored to today's bed needs. The airy Scandinavian design lends itself perfectly to an open space in your home such as the living room, hall or covered  terrace. Ideal for resting, working or watching Netflix. Noa is also available as a single bed and a double bed.

Sep Verboom

The sustainable dream world of Sep Verboom and Margaux Baert

Two young designers who share Auping's philosophy of sustainability, design and quality are invited to create an artistic installation on the Cleopatra frame. 

Sep Verboom

Sep Verboom (1990) and Margaux Baert (1990) are no strangers to the design world.

The Ghent-based creative Sep Verboom is at once designer and social entrepreneur, less concerned with the objectification of the result, more with the context in which it takes place. 

Sep Verboom's "Wajang Melamun" (Indonesia, Javanese for "Dreamy Puppet") is centred around a mythical guardian angel that rises from the bed frame and takes a glimpse in our human world. Referring to Javanese puppet performances centred around shadows of figures pursuing a virtuous, noble life and their search to find the meaning of existence, Verboom's installation reminds us to dream more, to take a moment to pause and to reflect on our society ... making room for creativity.  

"I want to inspire others to keep daydreaming. Preferably about a better world where we treat and protect each other with respect. Reflecting on society and embracing creativity in all possible aspects of our lives."

For "Wajang Melamun" Sep Verboom uses mainly unprocessed rattan from fast-growing rattan vines in Indonesia. Indonesia is the most known country for its incredible, age-old techniques and skills in managing this material. Rattan is a sustainable non-timber alternative that can be used in several ways. The ancient techniques that the local craftsmen use for this material bring the word 'craftsmanship' to a higer level. Sep Verboom and his Livable® platform believe in a system of local communities managing a viable and sustainable forest management model based on multicultivation to find a balance to protect the forest.  

Margaux Baert

Margaux Baert's "day-dreaming-bed" is an ode to (re)connect with nature. Her installation is an invitation to let ourselves go and to let our mind run away, in other words: to daydream. The center of the bed remains empty, as if someone was present before and left the space ready for the upcoming daydreamer. The Brussels based paper artist wants to evoke daydreaming with Auping as a nature growing and blooming directly on the surface of the day bed, suggesting an excape to nature from the inside of a room, with a sensation of serenity, well-being and surprise.

"After seeing the piece, I would love for the audience to feel they were transported into someone’s daydreaming. I hope the piece will truly inspire the visitors into sustainability, slow living and into reconnecting with the essential."

Margaux Baert's "day-dreaming-bed" is made out of cardboard and paper made from 100% FSC certified forests that are managed with consideration for people, wildlife and the environment, and 100% chlorine-free ECF pulp. 

Margaux baert

From October 15h until November 14th the first edition of Please, Have a seat, a brand new design event that takes place at the Van Marcke site in Courtrai. Please, Have a seat combines two elements: a curated, interactive exhibition, that discovers the history behind seating furniture, and an inspirational gallery of chairs that offers a glimpse of what is happening in terms of innovation and supply in the seating range.