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In a life filled with so many choices, thank you for choosing us. And for supporting our mission to bring rest to the world. So that every morning is better than yesterday.

Do not throw this mattress away
If you are fully done using your Auping Evolve, if it is finally worn out, even then this mattress is still of value. We can use it as raw material for a new mattress. Help us to ensure that your old mattress does not end up as landfill.

Stay informed
We have developed a mattress of which the materials can be reused continuously to make new mattresses. Now it's time to optimize the recycling process and make it as efficient as possible. We do this together with our suppliers and material processors. In a number of years we will have set up a recycling process for the large numbers of circular mattresses that will be returned. We would love to keep you informed about the recycling process. Together let’s make sure  your mattress will be processed correctly.

Read more about the recycle process of our circular mattresses



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