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Frequently Asked Questions about Auping Connect.

Do I need two Auping Connects for a double bed?

No; you can operate two bed parts, if they are both motorised, using one Auping Connect device and using one app.

How do I operate Auping Connect?

By using the Auping Connect app that can be downloaded from the App Store or Google Play store.

How do I install Auping Connect?

In addition to the Auping Connect hub, you install an app (the Auping Connect app) on your phone or tablet.
That app explains how to install Auping Connect step by step.
It’s still not up and running? Then take a look at the rest of the questions below. If that still doesn’t help, please contact us.

What about privacy and internet security?

Auping Connect works with a certified and secured protocol so that all data that you send via your smartphone or tablet is protected. 

I don’t have Wifi; can I still install and use Auping Connect?

Unfortunately, without Wifi, you cannot install and/or use Auping Connect.

I don’t want to attach Auping Connect to my bed; can I place it somewhere else?

Yes; you can also place Auping Connect somewhere else, as long as it is within a few metres of your bed and can connect to Wifi. In addition, you always need a power outlet to power Auping Connect.

Can Auping Connect also be used on 5 GHz Wifi?

After installation, the app can also be used via a 5ghz network.

Is Auping Connect safe?

All Auping beds are CE certified. As an Auping product, Auping Connect is also CE certified. The automatic alarm is easy to activate, deactivate, and to pause. Since you have an adjustable bed, be sure to take the moving parts into account. 

Is this app available for iOS/Android/Windows?

The app is available for all iOS and Android devices; Windows phones and tablets are not supported.

Can I use Auping Connect with every bed?

Auping Connect can be linked to all motorised adjustable Auping mesh bases that were produced after 2014, including the Royal mesh bases. In the case of box springs, it is possible to combine the Criade box springs produced after 2014 with the new Original and Kiruna box springs produced in 2017.

An easy check you can do to see if Auping Connect works with your Auping bed is to check if your current bed came with a wireless black remote control. Older motorised adjustable bed and box spring models that do not work with Auping Connect are equipped with a grey remote control.

Adjustable bases from other brands cannot be linked to Auping Connect.

Can I operate Auping Connect while my mobile device is in airplane mode?

No; Connect needs to communicate via Wifi so you cannot operate the bed in airplane mode. However, you can set the alarm before bedtime and then put the device in airplane mode. The built-in timer enables these functionalities to remain active even if you break the Wifi connection. 

Can I reset Auping Connect as well?

There is a button on the back of the Auping Connect hub; press it briefly to reset Auping Connect so that you can reinstall it. The latest software version will remain on Auping Connect.

Can I use Auping Connect on multiple devices?

If you already have Auping Connect installed and you want to use a second device to operate your bed, you don’t have to go through all the installation steps anymore. Make sure your second phone or tablet is connected to the same Wifi network as Auping Connect and open the app. The app will then find the installed Auping Connect and ask for an authorisation code. The person who installed Auping Connect can find this code under Settings -> Share. Enter this code and Auping Connect is ready to use.

Can I restore the factory settings?

Yes; to reset Auping Connect to factory settings, perform the following steps:

  1. Pull the power cord out of the Auping Connect hub
  2. Hold down the reset button on the hub
  3. Plug the power cord back into the Auping Connect hub while holding down the reset button for 10 seconds
  4. Release the reset button
  5. Auping Connect is now reset to factory settings and ready to be reconfigured
  6. Restart the Auping Connect app; if necessary, tap reset in the app if a pop-up appears, after which the app will also reset
  7. Follow the installation steps in the app to use Auping Connect again

My partner installed the app on his/her smartphone. Do I always need that specific phone to use Auping Connect?

No; you and your partner can both install the Connect app on your own smartphones and/or tablets and you can personalise the functionalities of Connect. You can set your own alarm per mobile device or, if you have two adjustable bases, you can choose to set both bed halves synchronously.

My Wifi signal is very weak in my bedroom. How can I boost this?

Check out these tips & tricks to boost the Wifi signal in your home.
If this is not enough, ask your provider to look at other possibilities for you.

My Wifi regularly disconnects. Why?

This is a problem that originates with your provider. Ask your provider for a solution.

Where should I attach Auping Connect to the mesh base?

Attach Auping Connect on one of the two middle tubes under the mesh base. These tubes do not move when you adjust the bed. This way, the wires will not get knotted up or come loose.

What will be possible in the future?

We continue to improve Auping Connect constantly based on feedback that we receive from users. Input from the initial Auping Connect users and from other research results are used to constantly develop new functions. For example, the next version could be able to connect to other applications in your home such as lighting and the thermostat.

What’s in Auping Connect package?

The package contains the Auping Connect hub, a power adapter to provide electricity to Auping Connect, and a manual. Auping Connect offers two additional blue cables for the Royal bed.

What functionalities does Auping Connect have now?

The first version of Auping Connect enables you to adjust your bed easily using a smartphone or tablet. You can switch quickly between the individual and simultaneous adjustment of two bed bases. The alarm function enables you to set a traditional alarm with sound or to raise the back section when you want to get up. 

Does my current remote control work too?

Yes; you can use the remote control if your mobile device is not at hand and/or if the Wifi signal is down.