By default, the app opens in the screen you use to operate your bed.
Use the bed icons to select which bed you want to operate. Left, right, or both.

The individual motors of your Auping Smart base can be operated using the arrows above and below the bed.
Or operate all the motors simultaneously using the buttons in the middle so that the bed can be raised or lowered in one go.

Save your favourite position:
Use the star icon on your screen to save your favourite position.
You have saved a favourite position when the icon is coloured.

Follow the instructions below to save your favourite position:


Step 1:  Start with making sure your bed is in the flat position.

Step 2: Select the bedside(s) for which you want to set your presetting.

Step 3: Move the bedparts to the desired position. Then save the setting by tapping Save

Your favourite position is now saved. The star icon is now white and can be used.
Please note that the bed must always be completely flat before you can go to your favourite position. 

If you wish, you can change your favourite position via the ‘saved position’ settings.
You can go to the settings by tapping the icon in the upper right corner.
There you will also find information about the app, you can set the language, and reconfigure or reset your Auping Connect if necessary.