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The Auping Smart base wakes you up gently. There are various options for this. In the sleep planner, you can set the time you want to go to bed, the time you want to get up, and what kind of alarm you want to wake you up.

Setting the sleep planner

Switch the sleep planner on or off using the slider in the upper right corner.
Then two blue sliders appear with a time.
These sliders can be dragged up and down to set the correct bedtime and alarm time. You can see the total sleeping time in the middle         

If you have set the alarm, you will see the alarm time in the status bar and for which bedside you have set the alarm.


Tapping the alarm icon in the upper right corner will take you to the sleep planner settings.
Here you can set the following:
- on which days of the week you want to use the sleep planner
- for which bedside you want to set the alarm
- wake up using sound or movement

The app has a number of different alarms:

  1. Alarm with sound: the standard alarm.
    You can select a ringtone and whether or not you want to snooze. 
    Attention: the sound of your phone must be turned on for this alarm to work.
  2. Alarm with movement: wake up in silence.
    his alarm wakes you up by moving the back section of your bed.
    The back of your bed rises slowly at the time your alarm is set to go off.
  3. Smart alarm: wake up in your light sleep.
    Waking up from a deep sleep phase is unpleasant. This smart alarm wakes you up during your light sleep phase, within half an hour before your set alarm time. Use the slider to adjust how quickly the app responds to sound. A high sensitivity will react on sound faster than a lower setting.
  4. Bedtime reminder: go to bed on time. 
    Set a bedtime for regularity in your sleep rhythm. Select the time at which you want to receive the reminder.